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Allies and Enemies

Person Notes
Arikalos A steel dragon who allied with the Irregulars to fight a lamia during the investigation of the Lagoon Hauntings.
Darius Cargill A dean at Lockenport University. Accompanied a group of Irregulars on a mission to investigate a dragonborn crypt.
Delk Tavius Hume's assistance. Training to be a sorcerer.
Gralik Thunderbane A half-orc, in charge of mission debriefings for the Irregulars Guild.
Miles Trentworth A fisherman rescued from the Badlands during the Missing Fisherman mission.
Tarragon the Dark Knight
Tavius Hume Tavius is in charge of mission assignments for the Irregulars Guild.
Terwilligan Swiftfeet
Tissella A hag.
Tussiq, the White Rat Tussiq is the albino leader of the wererats.
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