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Allies and Enemies

Person Notes
Arikalos A steel dragon who allied with the Irregulars to fight a lamia during the investigation of the Lagoon Hauntings.
Darius Cargill A dean at Lockenport University. Accompanied a group of Irregulars on a mission to investigate a dragonborn crypt.
Delk Tavius Hume's assistance. Training to be a sorcerer.
Feathers A changeling field agent of the Irregulars. He was involved in A Diplomatic Mission and the Citadel of the Dead mission.
Gralik Thunderbane A half-orc, in charge of mission debriefings for the Irregulars Guild.
Karaden Greshtik A wealthy and well-connected merchant with fingers in many pies.
Medrew Braid An agent of Greshtik's and a master of disguise.
Miles Trentworth A fisherman rescued from the Badlands during the Missing Fisherman mission.
Orryn Silvertongue Leetor's father; a well known diplomat in Lockenport.
Tarragon Tall, dark-haired leader of a group of mercenaries based in Stitch, called the Dark Knights. His group took the sword Venthir from the dragonborn crypt before the Irregulars arrived there.
Tavius Hume Tavius is in charge of mission assignments for the Irregulars Guild.
Terwilligan Swiftfeet
Tissella A hag.
Tussiq, the White Rat Tussiq is the albino leader of the wererats.
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