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 ===== About Stoella ===== ===== About Stoella =====
 Hi, I'm Stoella Brookhollow. ​ Maybe I'll let you call me Sto if you stay on my good side; that's the side that doesn'​t involve getting raked by these rather nasty claws. Hi, I'm Stoella Brookhollow. ​ Maybe I'll let you call me Sto if you stay on my good side; that's the side that doesn'​t involve getting raked by these rather nasty claws.
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 [XP awarded 2010-12-24] [XP awarded 2010-12-24]
-==== Week 27 in Lockenport ====+==== Week 32 in Lockenport ====
-=== Citadel ​of the Dead ===+Its been an interesting week here in Lockenport. The city hasn't grown on me much; the awful smells, and the sour people are a depressing contant around here. When I am not working for the Irregulars I take the time to explore some of the more natural parts of the island. I have discovered an exquisite little place for a garden out west of the city that I will invest some energy in. It is tucked away in a beautiful undisturbed little place and I spent almost every day this week exploring it; making some plans on how I can tend to it. It is going to take some hard work, however I am eager to learn something new about the island. It makes me think back to my garden in the forest; that was many centuries old, a gift from my grandmother,​ and required hardly any tending... it was a place to sit and chill. Its time to put some of my childhood education to test.
 +Also, I popped passed the Burley Wench earlier in the week (I drop in very occasionally for an ale) and Bentar introduced me to two half-orcs, also druids, who arrived in Lockenport a week ago. Their names are Grigri, and Dorn. They have travelled in from the Plains of the Horselords on the mainland and I have met up with them twice, for an ale or two, this week. They are taking a slow journey south, busy on a mission, and plan to be in Lockenport for another week before they head out on a trading ship. We have been exchanging "​warstories"​ and it has been fun finding out what other professional adventurers get up to. They are both far more experienced than I am, and their names have been sung by many a bard.
 +[XP awarded 2011-04-25]
-==== Week 29 in Lockenport ====+==== Week 33 in Lockenport ====
-=== Murder Mystery ​===+=== Behir Hunt === 
 +Ok, so we've just returned from an interesting mission. We were commissioned to capture a live Behir for a client of the Guild. This mission was interesting for two reasons. Firstly we were joined by a newcomer, a halfling rogue who seems to be mentally challenged. For now, let me put aside the general ill feelings I have for rogues, especially those that are halflings. This one, his name is Acorn, was initially introduced as somewhat of an expert on the subject of behirs. ​ It later turned out that this experience involved being eaten by one after a failed attempt to strike up a conversation with it. My initial thought was that he clearly had some kind of learning disorder and this was later confirmed by some of the wierd ideas he came up with to capture the behir. For the first time since arriving in Lockenport I felt compelled to look after this poor little fellow to avoid having to return to the guild with his remains in a jar.
-==== Week 30 in Lockenport ====+Secondly, it seems that the mission itself was a devious ploy to get us to assist the fey council ​in the fey wild. I found the whole experience quite unnerving as it undermined the integrity of the guild information,​ which up until this point I have put much faith in.  Nevertheless,​ it was a valuable learning experience, and I have my trusty companions to thank for their unwavering guidance in dealing with the uncertainty we encountered.
-=== Sleeper Agents ===+[XP awarded 2011-03-14]
-==== Week 31 in Lockenport ====+==== Week 36 in Lockenport ====
-=== Lagoon Hauntings ===+It has been an eventful two weeks here in Lockenport. ​ I returned to the Lezhar marshlands with some of the other Irregulars, to look into some concerning activities happening in the region related to Vedroch'​s advancing horde. ​ Honestly, the unrest on the mainland is becoming rather worrying and it looks like we are rapidly heading towards some serious conflict.
-==== Week 33 in Lockenport ​====+Last week, Lockenport ​held the festival of the moons and all the guild members were on (unpaid) duty, protecting the festival-goers from harm. We had our hands full dealing with a few incidents over the festival period.
-=== Behir Hunt ===+Aside from work, I have spent a fair amount of time out west, preparing my garden and becoming familiar with the space where I will, quite literally, be laying down some roots. 
 +[XP awarded 2011-10-22]
 +==== Week 37 in Lockenport ====
 +Another halfling rogue has been poking around at the guild recently. It seems that the riff-raff are overflowing off the streets and into our place of work. This city is becoming more of a sewer with every passing day, and I shall be doing my best to steer clear of the thieving ankle-biters. They need to go back to the sewers where they below.
 ===== Stoella'​s Stats ===== ===== Stoella'​s Stats =====
 ===== Player ===== ===== Player =====
 [[rich|Richard Askham]] [[rich|Richard Askham]]
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