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The Mysterious "A"

Date: Sunday, March 4th, 2012 and ???
Players: Andrew, Bretton, David, Henk, Peet, Rich
Level: 8+

Mission Briefing

Recent missions have indicated that someone with the moniker “A” is behind the nefarious events in both Esten Town and Lodren's Gate. The Irregulars' representative on the mainland town has commissioned an investigation into this mysterious person.

Guild members participating in this mission will be expected to travel to Lodren's Gate and investigate recent events. The goal is to find out more about this mysterious “A”, and establish why he/she/it is working with the undead besieging the town. Any connection between “A” and the illithid recently encountered in town should be clarified, and above all, the mission must ensure that “A” does not do anything to make the situation any worse than it already is.

Given that this mission starts by traveling to a town under siege by an undead army, it has a generous 5000 gp purse associated with it.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 210/01/117

Irregulars participating: Clunk (4671), Rockwood (808), Zarra (9191), Zulak (69), Stoella (1069), Farzel (2223), Eckhardt (127) (Special note: Following Zarra's unfortunately leave of absence a few hours into the mission Eckhardt Swan was dispatched to assist the survivors.

Leader: Rockwood

Summary: [Mission incomplete]

Fatalities: Zarra. Seren Tantol filed a report that this mission had had a fatality just a few hours after it started.


  • Seren's report noted that they had made a potential ally of Rissel Tapp, by saving him from an enchanted bodyguard.
  • However, they were apparently overwhelmed by the ferocity of some stone sentinels encounters in one of the warehouses.
  • There was a reported “incident” in the Rowdy Dolphin. Mention was made of a werewolf, possibly in jest.




Further investigations:

Accounting notes:

  • 5000 gp purse [source: Seren Tantol]
  • 680 gp used for a linked portal scroll

XP notes

| XP notes: Part 1                                        |
| Thallys, the enchanted gladiator            =  2,000 XP |
| Grenadier                                   =    600 XP |
| Cutthroat                                   =    200 XP |
| Archers (4 x 200)                           =    800 XP |
| Mercenaries (6 x 150)                       =    900 XP |
| Sylish the werewolf                         =    500 XP |
| Rock Hurler Gargoyles (2 x 600)             =  1,200 XP |
| Gargoyle Leader                             =      0 XP |
| Quest: Stop the Frenzied Gladiator          =    600 XP |
| Quest: Trace the Medallion                  =  2,000 XP |
| Total                                       =  8,800 XP |
| Per person                              ÷ 6 =  1,467 XP |

Other mission reports

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