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====== Allies and Enemies ====== ^ Person ^ Notes ^ | [[arikalos|Arikalos]] | A steel dragon who allied with the Irregulars to fight a lamia during the investigation of the [[lagoon_hauntings|Lagoon Hauntings]]. | | Aswen Flenn | Senior Investigator with the Lockenport Authorities. She worked with the Irregulars during the [[a_murder_mystery|Murder Mystery]] and [[sleeper_agents|Sleeper Agents]] missions. | | Bentar the Nimble | Gnomish proprietor of the Burly Wench Inn. | | [[darius_cargill|Darius Cargill]] | A dean at Lockenport University. He accompanied a group of Irregulars on a mission to investigate a [[crypt_of_the_dragon_prince|dragonborn crypt]]. | | Delk | Tavius Hume's assistant. He is training to be a sorcerer. | | Feathers | A changeling field agent of the Irregulars. He was involved in [[diplomatic_mission|A Diplomatic Mission]] and the [[citadel_of_the_dead|Citadel of the Dead]] mission. | | [[gralik_thunderbane|Gralik Thunderbane]] | A half-orc, in charge of mission debriefings for the [[irregulars|Irregulars Guild]]. | | Illadria Elismay | An eladrin of astonishing beauty and grace who presides over the fey Court of the Whispering Winds. She and her daughter Jeziel were involved in the [[behir_hunt|behir hunt]] mission. Her sister, Caelynna, is the Chancellor of Lockenport University. | | Irwin Targol | A halfling sailor who provides transportation to travellers. He can usually be found in the Upper Docks. | | Jahendris | A middle-man and deal maker based in Esten Town. Irregulars prevented him from drinking poisoned wine during the [[case_of_the_missing_wagon|Case of the Missing Wagon]]. | | [[karaden_greshtik|Karaden Greshtik]] | A wealthy and well-connected merchant with fingers in many pies. | | Lidya Gellund | Runs the Temple of Erathis in the River Ward of the city. She looked after the sleepers of the [[sleeper_agents|Sleeper Agents]] mission. | | Mag Blackthorn | A retired member of the Irregulars, "Old Mag" now lives with his two "dogs" near some old ruins in the Badlands. He assisted a group of Irregulars during a [[behir_hunt|behir hunt]]. | | [[medrew_braid|Medrew Braid]] | An agent of Greshtik's and a master of disguise. | | Mentius Hume | A researcher at Lockenport Academy, who assisted the Irregulars during a [[a_murder_mystery|Murder Mystery]]. He is also Tavius's cousin. | | [[miles_trentworth|Miles Trentworth]] | A fisherman rescued from the [[badlands|Badlands]] during the [[missing_fisherman|Missing Fisherman]] mission. | | [[orryn_silvertongue|Orryn Silvertongue]] | Leetor's father; a well known diplomat in Lockenport. | | Ralzor | A half-orc crossbowman hired to kill a wagon driver. He was prevented from doing so, but tricked into thinking the driver was dead during the events of the [[case_of_the_missing_wagon|Case of the Missing Wagon]]. | | Rizalia | A tiefling woman who is an ex-member of the Transportation Guild. Her involvement in the [[case_of_the_missing_wagon|Case of the Missing Wagon]] was investigated by a group of Irregulars. | | Tarragon | Tall, dark-haired leader of a group of mercenaries based in [[stitch|Stitch]], called the Dark Knights. His group took the sword Venthir from the [[crypt_of_the_dragon_prince|dragonborn crypt]] before the Irregulars arrived there. | | [[tavius_hume|Tavius Hume]] | Tavius is in charge of mission assignments for the [[irregulars|Irregulars Guild]]. | | [[terwilligan|Terwilligan Swiftfeet]] | A halfling bounty hunter who roams Comack Island. | | Tissella | A hag with a contract to collect souls for Torag (see [[sleeper_agents|Sleeper Agents]]). She assisted the Irregulars with information about Torag's agent, and in return they helped break the contract. | | [[tussiq|Tussiq, the White Rat]] | Tussiq is the albino leader of the wererats. | | Ushwexiol | A black dragon who has recently taken up residence in the Estenwood. | | Zizwen | A young behir, who was the target of a [[behir_hunt|hunt]], but whom the Irregulars eventually decided not to capture. There is some evidence that Zizwen is an agent of the Lady Illadria Elismay. |

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