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====== Allies: Part Two ====== **Date:** Sunday, November 26th, 2012 \\ **Players:** Andrew, Daniel, David, Henk, Hertzog, Rich \\ **Level:** 10+ ===== Mission Briefing ===== A week and a half has passed since another group of Irregulars left to seek out various allies to persuade them to join Lockenport's forces in an all-out assault on Vedroth's Citadel of the Dead. Already, forces on the ground are moving into place for the upcoming battle, and detailed preparations are underway for the assault. On the streets of Lockenport, there is a distinct undercurrent of anticipation and even excitement. Guildmistress Tarn and Sevian Delmar brief the Irregulars on their mission. The allies that they will be seeking out are both riskier and further afield than those the other group was sent to contact, but since the city needs all the support it can get, no potential friends are being overlooked. After this initial briefing, Sevian gives the group four scroll cases, each containing a //Linked Portal// scroll. She informs them that scrolls will transport the group to locations near three potential allies. One scroll is attuned to a location in the Great Forest, to the south of Mistyvale; here the group must inform the elven war council of Lockenport's plans. A second scroll leads to a location in the Jungles of the Serpent Dynasties, near the entrance to a grand temple. Although it is a long shot, it is possible that the serpents may be able to offer some help. The third scroll leads to a genasi outpost near the Turbulent Sea. It is unlikely that the genasi will offer assistance, but not impossible. The final scroll will allow the Irregulars to return to the Irregulars Guildhall. ===== Gralik's Mission Report ===== **Case number:** 210/02/038B **Irregulars participating:** Stoella, Sha'kar, Hunzu, Ignus, Ash, Neena **Leader:** Hunzu **Summary:** Despite the valiant efforts of this group of Irregulars, this mission was largely unsuccessful in gaining any additional allies for the fight against Vedroth. However, the identity of the traitor within the Irregulars Guild became clear when one of the scroll cases turned out to be sabotaged -- by none other than Sevian Delmar. And even more importantly, during their visit to the Serpent Kingdoms, the group established a means to destroy Vedroth! **Fatalities:** Possibly the Eternal Tree that protects Mistyvale. Too soon to tell. **Notes:** * The first leg of this group's journey didn't begin well. Although they did make contact with Mistyvale's Warmaster Hamketh it turned out the scroll case that was supposed to contain their way home was instead filled with desolation beetles. These are apparently not good for Eternal Trees. * There were also some nasty spiders roaming the outside of the magical barrier which protects Mistyvale. * When they travelled to the Serpent Kingdoms, they were forced to flee from some dead dinosaurs. Those are apparently very big lizard creatures. I'm not quite sure why they needed to flee if the dinosaurs were already dead. * Inside the ancient temple, the group met the same snake-man who visited Lockenport during the Festival of the Moons. They weren't very clear on what happened inside the temple, but it seemed to involve weird visions of Vedroth's life. * The last of these visions revealed something important about the lich-lord. He forced the serpents to show him the nature of his own demise. This apparently involved an image of a young Karaden Greshtik, a young woman, and a boy of perhaps three or four years old. The serpent told Vedroth that he would only die if Karaden Greshtik killed his own son! * There was a fierce debate during the debriefing about whether or not Sevian had deliberately sabotaged the location of the third scroll, because when they went through it, they ended up on a floating island being battered by lightning, acidic geysers, burning vapor, and flood of magma. Some of these were alive. * Sha'kar panicked and fell off. He says it was an accident and that he slipped, but they always say that. **Declarations:** This group returned with nothing but bruises and scorch marks. The poor guys had to beg the genasi for help just to get home. **Commendations:** I'm going to give this bunch a personal commendation just for surviving what sounds like it was a horrible mission. **Leadership:** Nobody died. That probably says quite a lot about Hunzu's leadership. **Further investigations:** * We'll need to do something about the sabotaging of that tree. Maybe Guildmistress Tarn can ask that Zulak fellow to work some diplomatic magic with the Queen. Let's hope he hasn't done anything recently to get on her bad side! * Tarn met with this group upon their return, and after some discussion, it was agreed that it would be dangerous to share too much information about this mission with Greshtik. The news about Vedroth's weakness must be handled on a need-to-know basis only. **Accounting notes:** * 4000 gp award per person [source: Congress of Guild Leaders] ===== XP notes ===== /===========================================================\ | XP notes | |-----------------------------------------------------------| | Husk Spiders (3 x 2000) = 6,000 XP | | Berserkers (5 x 200) = 1,200 XP | | Deathbringer Dracoliches (avoided) = 700 XP | | Stormstone Furies (avoided) = 200 XP | | Caustic Geyser = 400 XP | | Burning Vapor = 600 XP | | Magma Brutes (avoided) = 320 XP | | Rock Slide = 500 XP | | Quest: Warn Mistyvale of the War Plans = 1,000 XP | | Quest: Petition the Serpents for Help = 1,000 XP | | Quest: Survive the Destruction of the Mote = 1,000 XP | | Quest: Reveal the Traitor in the Irregulars = 2,000 XP | |-----------------------------------------------------------| | Total = 14,920 XP | | Per person ÷ 6 = 2,487 XP | \===========================================================/ ===== Other mission reports ===== ^ Previous mission ^ Next mission ^ | [[allies_part_one|Allies: Part One]] | [[assault_on_the_citadel_of_the_dead|Assault on the Citadel of the Dead]] |

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