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======Blackstone====== {{ :blackstone.jpeg?600 |}} Blackstone is located far to the west of the Great Forest. Blackstone’s founder was Troimel Fellor, a human who found a [[Black Sword|Black Sword]] writhing with eldritch power at the bottom of a lake, while he and his family were being attacked by a terrible troll. When he found the sword he was able to kill the troll that threatened him and those he loved. He kept the sword as he saw it as his families protector. Troimel was weak of mind and the sword was evil, it changed him into a creature of greed and made him power hungry. By his own hand and by the power of blade he built him a mighty city that he and his family ruled. Such was the evil inside the blade, that when Froimel walk to admire what he had accomplished it turned the stones of the city jet black. For centuries the Fellor family ruled Blackstone. The evil blade drew all manor of evil to it walls. The evil blade being at the center of the Fellor family power, was handed down from father to son for more than eleven generations. The longer the blade stayed in one place the more the more the evil of the blade spread, withering and corrupting even the trees several leagues from the dying city. Zulak’s father Zulcan, was the third born son of the current Fellorian Heir. Gradually the black eldritch power from the Blackblade seeped into the blood of the Fellor family. Each generation was born with a higher concentration of the eldritch power. The concentration of eldritch power in Zulcan was the highest in the Fellor family, more than a 1000 x stronger than that of the first to be born with the power. The power started to manifest itself through random flares of eldritch power bursting from his hands. His eyes glazed over till they were completely purple. Fearing what his family might think of him, Zulcan fled his ancestral home. He was the first of the Fellor family to leave Blackstone in 400 years. He was driven by a greater power than the Blackblade, and left to travel the world, and discover what was happening to him.

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