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====== Case of the Missing Wagon ====== **Date:** Saturday, January 8th, 2011 \\ **Players:** Anton, Bretton, Jo, John, Henk \\ **Level:** 2 ===== Guild Announcement ===== The Lockenport Transportation Guild represents the interests of wagoneers, conveyors, navigators and sailors. While not the largest of the city's guilds, it is one of the wealthiest and has significant control over the flow of goods between settlements of Comack Island and the mainland. One of the guild's members, a tiefling named Rizalia, has gotten the guild into an unfortunate situation. A wagon -- traveling the usually safe route from Esten Town to Stitch -- was attacked, the guards killed or driven away, and the wagon stolen. If the wagon's cargo cannot be recovered, the Transportation Guild will have to honor the terms of an expensive guarantee Rizalia gave to her customer. This will be a costly proposition that the Guild wants to avoid. They have turned to the Lockenport Irregulars for assistance in recovering the goods from the stolen wagon. The attack took place on the edge of the Estenwood, approximately halfway between Esten Town and Stich. The driver of the wagon survived the attack, and returned to Esten Town on foot. The Irregulars participating in this mission will need to investigate the attack on Rizalia's wagon and, if possible, track and recover the stolen cargo. There is a purse of 1000 gp for this mission, payable on safe return of the cargo. If the cargo is deemed unrecoverable, the client will instead pay a lesser purse of 250 gp for information on the whereabouts of the cargo. There is an additional internal mission tagged as part of this assignment, with more information to be provided during briefing. This covert mission has an associated purse of 300 gp. ===== Gralik's Mission Report ===== **Case number:** 209/12/037 **Irregulars participating:** [[mi_kaii|Mi'kaii]] (1919), [[leetor|Leetor]] (1337), [[tokodok|Tokodok]] (6667), [[farzel|Farzel]] (2223), [[angus|Angus]] (1918) **Leader:** Leetor **Summary:** The primary mission was to recover the cargo stolen from the wagon, or, if this proved infeasible, to provide the Transportation Guild with a detailed description of the location of the cargo. The secondary mission was to investigate the role played by Rizalia in the affair. The group completed both missions successfully. They were unable to return the cargo, since it turned out to be a live black dragon(!), but they did provide a detailed description of the dragon's last known whereabouts (a kobold lair in the Estenwood), intentions (stay put) and state of mind (annoyed but confident). The group also accumulated substantial evidence of Rizalia's unsavory involvement in the whole business. **Fatalities:** Apparently just "the other wagon guard". **Notes:** * The group dealt with spiders, an ettercap and lots of kobolds. * Also, did I mention that the cargo turned out to be a kidnapped black dragon. * Rizalia was very much involved and tried to have the wagon driver killed, and her partner in Esten Town (someone called Jahendris) poisoned, in order to cover her tracks. The group managed to foil both of these murder attempts. * Apparently the owner of the cargo was "Archibald Malkett" (see files 209/11/008 and 209/11/059). * I think the dragon's name was "Ushwexiol" or something equally sneeze-like. * The Irregulars slaughtered the kobolds and parleyed with the dragon, who wanted it known that he (or she? -- I don't think they mentioned that during debriefing) has taken up residence in the Estenwood. * The group claimed to have met a man in a tree who had a dream about Lady Nightwhisper which made him give her an invisible cloak. Ha. Ha. Ha. **Declarations:** As well as a dagger and <del>two potions</del> one potion ("didn't Farzel drink one?"), the group also declared a jeweled headband which they claimed to have given to the dragon. Note: __No receipt__ was provided by the dragon. They also tried to trick me by pretending that Lady Nightwhisper was wearing an invisible cloak, but I wasn't fooled by that again. **Commendations:** Farzel was commended for his excellent swan-dive position during pit-related plummeting. Tokodok was commended for "keeping the group in fine spirits". **Leadership:** The group felt that the leadership was "very good", which seems to be an improvement for Leetor over his previous groups' assessments! **Further investigations:** * The group seemed keen to be included in any further missions which involve "tackling that dragon". * Lady Nightwhisper made it very clear that she wished to be involved in more missions involving dead things. * Follow up enquiries should be made with the Mayor of Esten Town regarding the current safety of the Estenwood road. **Accounting notes:** * 250 gp award for partial success with primary mission [source: Transportation Guild] * 300 gp award for secondary mission [source: Transportation Guild] ===== XP notes ===== /===============================================\ | XP notes | |-----------------------------------------------| | Half-orc Assassin = 150 XP | | Ettercap Fang Guard = 175 XP | | Deathjump Spiders (2 x 175) = 350 XP | | Kobold Spiker = 150 XP | | Kobold Skirmishers (3 x 100) = 300 XP | | Kobold Guttersnipes (2 x 100) = 200 XP | | Kobold Pikers (4 x 125) = 500 XP | | Kobold Cleavers (4 x 31) = 124 XP | | Kobold Miners (10 x 25) = 250 XP | | Mitzek, Kobold War Priest = 200 XP | | False-Floor Pit trap = 100 XP | | Poisoned Dart Wall trap = 250 XP | | Spear Gauntlet trap = 125 XP | | Quest: Case of the Missing Wagon = 625 XP | | Quest: What is Rizalia up to? = 625 XP | |-----------------------------------------------| | Total = 4124 XP | | Per person ÷ 5 = 825 XP | \===============================================/ ===== Other mission reports ===== ^ Previous mission ^ Next mission ^ | [[lagoon_hauntings|Lagoon Hauntings]] | [[behir_hunt|Behir Hunt]] |

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