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====== Dawn ====== Dawn is a wandering duelist who is attracted to riches. And power. But above all, she revels in the thrill of adventure; especially the art of the duel. On the battlefield, she seems to move slowly and purposefully at first, but shows surprising bursts of speed. She has accomplished this by both her innate psionic aptitude, plus learning enough arcane secrets to enchant her massive warhammer to devestating effect. Confronting a foe, she will deflect and parry most of its attacks, while looking for a sign of weakness before striking. She dresses mostly fashionably, but has a penchant for ostentatious displays of jewelry and elaborate, preened hairstyles that many would find gaudy. In addition, she is mostly cheery and upbeat in nature, even to the point of unnerving her opponents during a duel. ===== About Dawn ===== {{}} **Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?** You know what, that's a funny story, but I can't really remember. Weird! **Do you have a big family? Do you stay in touch with them?** I don't have any family. Or maybe I do. I'm not so sure. **What are your religious beliefs?** I do value knowledge, so I honor the goddess Ioun. **Do you have any famous ancestors?** No idea! **What sort of education or training have you had?** Well, I've always been quick. You know, on my feet. And I really know how to swing a hammer. Plus, I dabble in enchantments. **Do you have a trade (other than "adventuring")?** Not really - adventuring pays better than any trade I can think of. **Do you have many enemies?** Hmmmmm- I'm not sure. People tend to like me. And if they don't, I just tend to avoid them or ignore them. **What style of clothes do you favour?** I think clothes and appearance are very important. I like to look my best, even when I'm adventuring. And my hair takes up a lot of my time each day. **Have you ever killed someone?** Yes, of coures. Oh - you mean people? Not really. But I have killed a lot of monsters, oh yes! **What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?** Huh? What do you mean? I don't have an opinion about them. Generally no-one tells me what to do or how to live my life, and I'm fine with that. ===== Dawn's Journal ===== ==== Eye of Ioun ==== I joined the Lockenport Irregulars Guild just at the right time, it seems. My very first day, and alarms were sounding. There is much danger here. It's so thrilling! I'll surely encounter many opportunities for power. After a preominition was delivered to us, we were Whisked through a magical portal and immediately encountered truly horrific undead creatures. After this, we decided to hunt for a certain flower that would aid us, if the delivered prophecy was correct. So exciting! Deftly we snuck into a graveyard and retreived it without incident. The next step of our journey occured in the Eye of Ioun, the observation tower. It was hair-raising, and freezing undead nearly drained us of life, before we could feed our constructed potion to the author of the prophetic note. She informed us that a lackey of the Lich King would strike a deal with a nearby tribe of Rock Giants, and urged us to hurry to the negotiating table. In broken giant, stammering through the event, our wizard managed to point out that the enemy's offer lacked substance, and we 'gave' the giant tribe the custodianship of the Eye. This seemed to upset the underling, who tried to intimidate us on his nightmare steed. He seemed satisfied with us giving our names, and departed. ==== Once more into the Pit ==== I've never been down the Pit before! We were supposed to recover three artifacts, and we did. All of them. I've got so much money!! First we had to climb down the pit - no big deal for me, but some in my group had a hard time. Then we encountered a purple wurm! he was tough, but we could've taken him. Unfortunately he was calling for his mother, so we made a run for it. Next there was a lightning-trapped lab of some sort - it smelled of delicious power. Our leader managed to grab the ring we were looking for from here. After that we climbed further down to some twisty caves, filled with swamp. It was disgusting. But not nearly as bad as having to dig in the muck to yank off the slippers from the Troll witch. We had to run for it, as the troll tribe nearly wiped us out. Run for it, and jump for it: we went head first down the pit, landing in water. Oh! And the staff we were looking for was right there. Plus some other knick-knacks. There was a group of Drow warriors; the leader approached me. At first I thought she was really pretty, but then I realized she was a bitch. At least she trusted me enough to give me a very important message to deliver. ===== Character Sheets ===== **Dawn, Level 9**\\ {{:dawn_lvl_9.dnd4e|}}\\

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