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====== Dragonborn ====== {{}} Long ago, the Arkosian empire of the dragonborn contended for worldwide dominion. Now however, only a few clans of these honorable warriors remain. Most of the dragonborn in Lockenport are wanderers, as the few permanent dragonborn settlements of any size are located far to the northwest, in the area which once formed the heartlands of the Arkosian empire. Clan traditions and legends of ancient glory form an important part of dragonborn culture. Most dragonborn revere Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, but there are also those that follow the darker path of Tiamat, the five-headed dragon goddess of wealth, greed and envy. The dragonborn shaman [[wizen|Wizen Jnr.]] is one of the [[irregulars|Lockenport Irregulars]]. He knows little of dragonborn history or culture, since he was raised by genasi on an island to the west of Lockenport. The barbarian princess [[qira|QiRa]] was happily married to a noble dragonborn for some time before he was killed by unknown assassins. She fled south towards Lockenport after being falsely accused of the murder by his family. One of the members of the [[kots|Knights of the Serpent]] is the dragonborn paladin [[gesh|Gesh]]. He is currently adventuring in the Nentir Vale, far to the north of Lockenport.

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