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====== Drow ====== {{}} The drow are a race of sinister elves who dwell deep within the subterranean region known as the Underdark. Most drow worship the Spider Queen goddess Lolth. They are organised into houses ruled by powerful matriarchs. The dark elves are known to take and trade slaves, so any reports of drow scouts near remote settlements is treated as bad news. Solitary drow are rarely encountered on the surface world. Those loner examples wandering the lands are usually exiles, or abandoned children who have grown up on the surface. (The latter are usually male drow, relinquished to the sunlit world by mothers as an alternative to sacrificing their infant sons to Lolth.) The drow [[rodakan|Rodakan]] grew up in an orphanage in the lands to the North of Lockenport. He ended up in Lockenport as part of a long quest to discover his background and understand the memories of a troubled childhood that plague him. He is now a member of the [[irregulars|Lockenport Irregulars]].

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