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====== Eladrin ====== {{}} The eladrin are creatures of magic with strong ties to nature. They live in cities in the twilight realm of the Feywild. The cities of the eladrin straddled the boundary between the Feywild and this world, and sometimes make appearances in the woodlands and forests. Near Lockenport, eladrin settlements are most often encountered in the [[great_forest|Great Forest]] which lies between the [[lezhar_marshlands|Lezhar Marshlands]] and the [[torgen_mountains|Torgen Mountains]] on the mainland. Although eladrin rarely settle outside of their native Feywild, they frequently travel the world, and are usually recognised as eladrin in all but the most remote places. Some eladrin server as ambassadors to the fey courts, while others explore the world in search of arcane lore, or on personal quests. In [[lockenport|Lockenport City]], the eladrin [[caelynna_elismay|Caelynna Elismay]] currently holds the powerful position of Chancellor of [[lockenport_university|Lockenport University]].

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