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====== Elkenith Calmcacil====== Elkenith is not your ordinary Elf, he was born into the magically gifted elven family of Calmcacil. Elkenith or Elk as his family call him is a superiorly gifted in arcana. His aptitude is unsurpassed by any elf his age. Elk spent most of his youth practicing elven magics, but was never satisfied. His ever growing hunger for knowledge and power lead him to pursue a the warlock path. This choice came after spending time with a human name Zulcan Fellor, a member of the Elven War Council and a powerful Warlock. Elkenith wanted to harness the Eldritch power the Zulcan possessed. With all his understanding of arcana, Elkenith could not learn the warlocks ways without making a pact. Leaving the safety of Mistyvale Elkenith set out to learn about the warlocks ways. He ventured west of the great forest to discover the home of Zulcan. After several days of travel Elkenith can across a desolate plain. His elven eyes searched the horizon for any signs of life. Peering into the distance he saw a enormous building. From this far the castle looked small and emitted and aura that felt strangely familiar. Elkenith realized that this must be Zulcan's home [[Blackstone|Blackstone]]. Looking around he could not understand how a city that size was sustained. There was no trees, farms or any other life that you would normally find around a large city.

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