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====== Gralik Thunderbane ====== {{}} The half-orc Gralik Thunderbane is responsible for conducting debriefings and filing mission reports for assignments conducted by members of the [[irregulars|Lockenport Irregulars]]. He is known for his brusque manner and his efficiency in conducting post-adventure interviews. Gralik tends to favor adventuring parties with unusual looking members over all-human groups. He strongly dislikes any party of Irregulars who do anything that creates more paperwork for him. Gralik's orc heritage is unusually prominent in his appearance. He sports two large tusks, about which he can be overly sensitive. As nearly a full generation of Irregulars has learned, staying in Gralik's good books is vital to ensure a fair allocation of the spoils from any particular mission, since deciding what treasures a group may keep is part of the Guild's debriefing process. Gralik is also not a morning person. Woe betide any party of adventurers which rouses the half-orc before noon simply to claim their bounty for a completed mission.

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