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====== Herbs of the Lezhar Marshlands ====== This is a short guide to herbs, ointment and other remedies found in the [[lezhar_marshlands|Lezhar Marshlands]]. ===== Cardemia ===== {{:cardemia.jpg?80 |Cardemia}}A mold with a surprisingly sweet taste. Someone ingesting this mold tends to feel more empathic to those around them. Cardemia is often baked into cakes and offered to participants in diplomatic negotiations. Grants a +2 bonus to Diplomacy skill checks made against someone who has consumed it. ===== Jevik ===== {{:jevik.jpg?80 |Jevik}}An exceptionally foul-tasting tuber. It is usually ground up and turned into a thick paste, which is smeared onto the gums, or held under the tongue. It boosts endurance, and is sometimes used by soldiers to prevent fatigue during cross-country marches or similar activities. Provides a +2 bonus to Endurance skill checks. ===== Neevine ===== {{:neevine.jpg?80 |Neevine}}An uncommon herb which can be brewed into a tea. It aids in recuperation and healing. Unfortunately, the brewing process is tricky; unless the herb is left to steep for exactly the right length of time, the resulting tea can cause a serious outbreak of facial pox. The drinker regains a healing surge. ===== Quickflower ===== {{:quickflower.jpg?80 |Quickflower}}A dangerous and highly addictive plant. Swallowing a whole quickflower causes a temporary increase in reactions and metabolism as well as enhancing the senses. Sneezing soon after the ingestion of a quickflower can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Repeated use invariably leads to cranial embolisms and severe hemorrhaging. Provides the user with one extra Action Point which must be used immediately. ===== Raxil berries ===== Small red berries, which boost hand-eye co-ordination for a short period, but have a side-effect of a headache and sluggishness afterwards. Taking more than three in quick succession is not recommended. Grants +5 to one d20 roll, followed by a -1 penalty to all rolls for the rest of the encounter. Taking more than three leaves someone dazed for the rest of the encounter. ===== Redroot ===== {{:redroot.jpg?80 |Redroot}}A common root which is ground into a powder and used to treat wounds. It assists with the clotting of blood and alleviates pain. Provides a +2 bonus to Heal skill checks. ===== Tagit root ===== {{:tagit_root.jpg?80 |Tagit root}}If consumed in the right dosage, tagit stimulates memory and recall. Higher quantities cause hallucinations and delirium. Provides a +2 bonus to Intelligence checks used for recall. ===== Taroc paste ===== Allows the imbiber to go with sleep almost indefinitely, getting by with just a brief period of rest, during which they have lucid waking dreams. Taroc-induced rest periods count as short rests rather than extended rests. ===== Ullmisk ===== {{:ullmisk.jpg?80 |Ullmisk}}A dainty, perfumed blue flower. When swallowed, it provide uncanny nimbleness and stimulates muscle functioning. Unfortunately, ullmisk also tends to cause chronic diarrhoea. Ullmisk is sometimes used by circus acrobats, who are experienced in getting the timing of the positive and negative effects just right. Provides a +2 bonus to Acrobatics skill checks. ===== Ven leaves ===== A rather plain looking leaf, used by the lizardfolk of the Veshk tribe. It is made into a tea, which, when drunk, places someone into a deep trance for several hours, during which they may gain some insight into the future. During the [[return_to_the_lezhar_marshlands|Return to the Lezhar Marshlands]], Petru and Zulak both tried Ven tea. Zulak awoke from his trance filled with an overwhelming sense of loss, and a fading memory of attending a funeral of someone close to him. From his trace, Petru recalled standing with his companions in the midst of a great battle. In the battle, he witnessed a giant blue lizard fighting as an ally against a wall of undead.

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