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====== Highwatch ====== {{}} Highwatch is a village located on the Western Yarne river, about eight miles southwest of [[stitch|Stitch]]. It is closest settlement to the [[badlands|Badlands]], and serves as a base for prospectors and hunters who travel into the Badlands to scavenge. Other than prospectors, most of the residents of Highwatch are people who want to escape the bustle of Lockenport or Stitch. Although the population of Highwatch is quite mixed, there is strong dwarven presence in the village. A dwarf named Furlun of the Notched Axe is the self-appointed leader of Highwatch as well as the proprietor of the village's only tavern (called the //Notched Axe//). Recently, an aberration known as a gauth made its way to Highwatch from the Badlands and caused considerable damage before being slain by a group of [[irregulars|Lockenport Irregulars]].

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