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====== Humans ====== {{}} Humans are the most adaptable and diverse of all the races found in Lockenport. They are also the most numerous, making up approximately half of the city's population, some 11,000 people. In appearance, they exhibit one of the widest ranges of body types of all the common races, varying from thin to obese, and from short to very tall. Skin colour varies from pinky-white through to shades of brown and black. Human hair can be black, brown, red or blond and their eyes are commonly brown, blue or hazel. To the north of Lockenport, past the Torgen mountains, lie vast plains inhabited by the Horselord clans. The Horselords are also human, but tend to have paler skin than the residents of Lockenport, and red or red-brown hair. Amongst the members of the Lockenport Irregulars who are human are [[eckhardt|Eckhardt Swan]], a cleric of Avandra who has spurned his family to make his own way in the city, and [[qira|QiRa]], a barbarian princess from the lands of the Horselords. [[florian|Florian Bouquet]] is a human wizard and a member of the [[kots|Knights of the Serpent]]. They are currently adventuring in the Nentir Vale, far to the north of Lockenport.

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