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====== Lockenport Irregulars ====== {{}} The Lockenport Irregulars is one of the most well-known of the city's many guilds. The Irregulars are made up of mercenaries, explorers and adventurers who have a reputation for bravery and reliability. It is said that there is no assignment too difficult or too risky for the Irregulars to take on. Many children who grow up in [[lockenport|Lockenport]] aspire to become members of the guild, although most parents try to discourage these aspirations, given the danger involved in many of the Irregulars' activities. The Irregulars accept commissions from many sources, including the other city guilds, merchant families, and individuals who can afford the guild's fees. However, there is one important exception to the work that the Irregulars will accept. Several generations of guild masters have striven to position the Irregulars as neutral in the politics of Lockenport, and as a result, they will not take on any work that involves hostile activity towards any other guild. Each member of the guild is assigned a membership number. These are traditionally four digits long, but members are free to choose any number not already in use. Each Irregular is required to sign a contract with the guild, which covers guild benefits, reporting obligations, ownership of any assets accrued during a mission, and support for a member's immediate family in case of death. Most of the contract is the same for all Irregulars, but there is some variation in the terms, with more senior guild members often negotiating more favorable agreements. This contract has taken on a life of its own over the many decades that the Irregulars have operated, and the bulk of the contract now fills many shelves in the guildhall's library. It is a standing joke in the guild that any member who actually read the whole contract before signing it would be too old to accept any missions by the time that he or she had finished reading. Junior members of the Irregulars usually have a contract which provides for one raise from the dead on credit, provided that their colleagues are able to return some part of their body to the guild. More senior members often negotiate more favorable post-life benefits. One of the most strictly enforced guild rules is that all treasure accrued during the course of a mission must be declared during debriefing, at which time a decision is made on whether the Irregulars involved in that mission may keep those items, or if they should become the property of the guild. The guild follows a standard protocol for most missions. Notices of pending missions are posted in the guildhall for any member to sign up for. Candidates are selected and then meet with [[tavius_hume|Tavius Hume]], who is in charge of all mission assignments. Once the Irregulars return from an assignment, they are required to meet with [[gralik_thunderbane|Gralik Thunderbane]], who handles the debriefing process, files a mission report, and pays any fees due for successful missions. Other members of staff at the Guild include Sevian Delmar, a tall, thin-faced half-elf in charge of "Intelligence and Investigations (Mainland)" and Quartermistress Uggard, a burly ill-tempered woman who manages the Guild's supplies and equipment stores.

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