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===== The Knights of the Autumn Leaves ===== {{}} The Knights of the Autumn Leaves is a secluded, monastic order dedicated to the mysteries of the goddess Sehanine. Most adherents of the small order are of fey origin, and predominantly include gnomes, halflings, eladrin, elves, half-elves and a stray human. The order is situated deep within the Great Forest, and receives few visitors. The Knights instruct their followers in the ways of Martial training, but also the deeper mysteries of nontruths, illusions and falsehoods; both how to create and see through them. Days of religious import follow a lunar calendar, and is often celebrated by ecstatic and wild festivities in Sehanine's name. These rituals are punctuated by devotees trying to either trump each other in contests of lies, or by playing elaborate and intricate tricks on other members (or especially visitors). The Knights are only loosely bound to the order, and novelty combined with pragmatism always takes sway over any semblance of religious orthodoxy.

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