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====== Lockenport ====== {{}} Lockenport is a coastal city of some 22,000 inhabitants. It is located on the northern shore of [[Comack Island|Comack Island]] which in turn lies to the south of the mainland. The mainland, some 25 miles to the north of Lockenport, can be clearly seen from the city. The city lies in a unique position as a cross roads between many different cultures and lands, but lies far enough away from each of them to have a unique feel all of its own. There is a steady stream of travelers and visitors from other lands passing through the city, and inevitably some of them end up staying. While more than half of current population is human, many other races are well represented in Lockenport, and even more unusual races such as goliaths, genasi or warforged can be observed walking the streets. On the mainland to the north of Comack Island, scattered settlements stretch for hundreds of miles to a chain of towering mountains. Beyond the mountains lie the plains of the horselords, and desolate areas dominated by orcs, goblin and gnoll tribes. Further north still lie the vale lands including the Elsir and Nentir Vales. To the west of the mainland are the [[Great Forests|Great Forests]] and to the northwest the area which once formed the heartlands of the Arkosian empire, where dragonborn are still dominant. To the southwest and east of Lockenport are other landmasses, although each of those is a journey of some weeks by boat. To the southwest are warm lands that many tieflings call home. To the east is the continent where the dwarven clans and the mighty minotaur kingdoms have clashed since time immemorial. From these eastern lands too come the warforged, a strange by-product of these warring cultures. Traders and travelers from all of these lands pass through Lockenport on their way elsewhere. Many of them stay, at least for a while. It is sometimes said that despite its distance from more populated lands, Lockenport lies in the middle of the world. Lockenport was not built by its current inhabitants, but was first settled many centuries ago. It has been claimed by many civilizations, including both the Empire of Arkosia and the Empire of Bael Turath at various times, but rarely for very long. Today it is an independent city, controlled by various guilds. At some time in the distance past, Lockenport clearly housed many more than the current 22,000 inhabitants. Some sections of the city have been abandoned for tens or hundreds of year, and are inhabited now only by those who do not wish to be seen in the more populated parts. Although it is the only city on Comack Island, Lockenport shares the island with many smaller settlements, including the town of [[Stitch|Stitch]], located 15 miles up-river. Stitch is an important source of lumber, stone and minerals mined from the mountains dominating the southwestern part of the Island. The city of Lockenport is controlled by numerous guilds, and almost every tradesman (and their families) falls under the protection of one of the guilds. Politics in the city is a messy and ever-shifting business, as the guild masters (and mistresses) vie for power, allegiances, and a wider sphere of influence over the city's citizens. One of the most well-known city guilds is the [[Irregulars|Lockenport Irregulars]]. The Irregulars are made up of mercenaries, explorers and adventurers who have a reputation for bravery and reliability. It is said that there is no assignment too difficult or too risky for the Irregulars to take on. There is one important exception to this, however. Several generations of guild masters have striven to position the Irregulars as neutral in the politics of Lockenport, and as a result, they will not take on any work that involves hostile activity towards any other guild. They do however, regularly take on assignments for other guilds, such as the case of [[Missing Fisherman|the missing fisherman]], for the powerful [[fishermans_guild|Fisherman's Guild]].

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