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====== Once More Into the Pit ====== **Date:** Sunday, October 14th, 2012 \\ **Players:** Andrew, Craig, Henk, Hertzog, Peet, Rich \\ **Level:** 9+ ===== Mission Briefing ===== A number of missions into Lockenport's notorious Pit have taken place since the Lockenport Congress gave permission for the Irregulars to resume searching the maze of caverns and dungeons deep beneath the city. The goal of this mission was to continue the search for Queen Isathrain's enchanted items. Yozian Tammelnor assisted Tavius at the briefing, and outlined the most likely locations of three different items. The Ring of the Radiant Storms is suspected to be powering one of Vex's Laboratories. Specifically the ring might be in the Lightning Laboratory hidden in the worm tunnels past the Fungus Fields. To get to the worm tunnels, they must follow the first main passage in the left wall of the Fungus Fields, and then explore the tunnels beyond the steam caverns. The Spark Slippers are reportedly in the possession of a troll witch who lives in the deep swamps. To get to the swamps the party must keep right when following the twisty passages behind the Jaws of the Elder Eye. The third item, Queen Isathrain's Staff, was apparently tossed deeper into the Pit than the Jaws by a tentacled creature (see mission 210/01/148). Nothing more than that is known about it. ===== Gralik's Mission Report ===== **Case number:** 210/02/023 **Irregulars participating:** [[Ash]] (1618), [[Dawn]] (719), [[Petru]] (486), [[Stoella]] (1069), [[Zimmijon]] (5765), [[Zulak]] (69) **Leader:** Petru **Summary:** The group achieved all three of their goals, recovering the Ring of the Radiant Storms from Vex's Lightning Laboratory, the Spark Slippers from the troll witch and the Queen's Staff from a pool of water which had accumulated at a sealed off section of the Pit. Most surprisingly, shortly after the group reached the "Iris", it was opened by a representative of the drow Matriarch Yi'laskar who presented the group with important documents for "Lord" Karaden Greshtik. These were handed over to Greshtik in Guildmistress Tarn's presence. **Fatalities:** Nobody was killed. Swallowed yes, killed no. **Notes:** * Petru described this as a "challenging" mission, and he did look rather singed. * The group wounded a purple worm, but it was apparently only a juvenile. Other worms were heard, but not actually seen. (Sure there were other worms! Who flees from one little baby worm?) * There was something known as a gravy sphere which sucked up everything in the Lightning Laboratory. [Delk's note: I think Gralik means a "gravity sphere" here, as per Uggard's catalog.] * No sign of any slimes in the steam caverns this mission. Heh, Tavius owes me five gold! * There were a lot of trolls sighted and battled in the swamps. There was mention of briar trolls, claw trolls, slayer trolls, javelin trolls, poison trolls, druid trolls, gravy trolls and a troll witch. But I think Zulak was joking about the gravy trolls. **Declarations:** The group declared that they had recovered a cingulum of combat rushing (which is just a fancy belt, but Uggard will get upset if I forget to use the proper catalog name!) and a primordial ring. (Possibly a match for the one found in mission 210/02/002?) They were allowed to keep both but traded in the <del>fancy belt</del> cingulum for cash. **Commendations:** Petru requested that Delk be commended for his research assistance in preparing for this missing. Apparently his advice about jumping was useful. **Leadership:** Petru noted that Zimmijon deserved mention for acting efficiently as his second-in-command. The rest of the group's comments on their combined leadership were "explored unique angles", "got to grips with the inside of the enemy", "played swallow the leader", and "didn't join the gravy train". **Further investigations:** * The documents delivered by Matriarch Yi'laskar for Karaden Greshtik are seized war plans from "the enemy of the city", which is probably Vedroth. * Petru mentioned something about wanting to go back to Vex's Laboratory to "get the treasure beneath the ring". But I don't think he realised I was still listening when he said that. They always seem to forget that they are still standing in my office! **Accounting notes:** * 1000 gp award per person for the recovery of the Ring of the Radiant Storm [source: Congress of Guild Leaders] * 1000 gp award per person for the recovery of for the Spark Slippers [source: Congress of Guild Leaders] * 1000 gp award per person for the recovery of for Queen Isathrain's Staff [source: Congress of Guild Leaders] * 3000 gp bonus per person for recovering all three items [source: Congress of Guild Leaders] * 2000 gp special bonus per person for delivering Matriarch Yi'laskar's message to Greshtik [source: Tarn's discretionary bonus fund] ===== XP notes ===== /===========================================================\ | XP notes | |-----------------------------------------------------------| | Aggressive Juvenile Purple Worm = 3,500 XP | | Trap: Lightning Door (2 x 300) = 600 XP | | Trap: Lightning Trap Tiled Floor = 1,000 XP | | Trap: Electrified Floor = 500 XP | | Trap: Gravity Sphere = 600 XP | | Briar Troll = 2,500 XP | | Troll Witch = 700 XP | | Javelin Trolls (4 x 500) = 2,000 XP | | Trolls (3 x 400) = 1,200 XP | | Quest: Recover the Ring of the Radiant Storm = 1,000 XP | | Quest: Recover the Spark Slippers = 1,000 XP | | Quest: Recover Queen Isathrain's Staff = 1,000 XP | |-----------------------------------------------------------| | Total = 15,600 XP | | Per person ÷ 6 = 2,600 XP | \===========================================================/ ===== Other mission reports ===== ^ Previous mission ^ Next mission ^ | [[eye_of_ioun|Eye of Ioun]] | [[allies_part_one|Allies: Part One]] |

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