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====== Petru ====== Petru is a shadar-kai bard. Song is his thing, and his instrument is his beautiful voice. As a young adult, Petru was ostracised by his clan, who believed he was cursed. Taking up a solitary life in the mountains, some distance from his clan, Petru chose to perpetuate this myth, and had limited contact with his kind from that point on. However, he has gained exposure to many other races and cultures as he has travelled and explored the world. Petru is not at all forthcoming about his heritage with his companions and those he meets. ===== About Petru ===== {{}} ** Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?** Elsewhere... Always elsewhere... ** Do you have a big family? Do you stay in touch with them?** All bards and all Shadar-kai are my family. Everyone else is my friend. Provided they don't try to kill me. ** What are your religious beliefs?** I'm a fan of the works of Oghma, but flexible in my beliefs - something I think Oghma would approve of. ** Do you have any famous ancestors?** No. ** What sort of education or training have you had?** The School of Hard Knocks - training from the knowledge of passers-by or my hosts while I passed by. Friends and foes are all teachers. ** Do you have a trade (other than "adventuring")?** Whittling. ** Do you have many enemies?** No. ** What style of clothes do you favour?** Plain... for a bard. ** Have you ever killed someone?** Has a harlot ever kissed someone? ** What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?** Rightfully elected authorities carry my approval. ===== Petru's Journal ===== Hoy! from Petru, a bard of the shadar-kai - fleeting but never shy. Devilishly guileful and just a little bit sinister Friends shout my name, even as foes doth whisper! A trip a-sea would be a tedious and torturous travail indeed without the mellifluous ministrations of a master minstrel the travelers' souls to feed. Home Sweet Home *************** Another day, another place to stay The simple life, without a wife What adventure lies in store today? I bear no scar from the Brain-in-a-Jar My pockets jingle and I'm single Better times are never very far... [XP awarded 2010-12-24] Sleep of the Lotus Eaters ************************* As the herb grabs hold of me tightly Images haunt me daily and nightly Visions of a lizard blue Dreams of a hidden clue There's something that I must do A friend yet met, but who? We are all but destiny's children Each an enigma with a mystery therein A cloth of gold around my waist The hunger of old would like a taste... [XP awarded 2011-04-25]

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