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====== Return to the Lezhar Marshlands ====== **Date:** Sunday, March 13th, 2011 \\ **Players:** Anton, Andrew, Diricia, Henk, Hertzog, Peet, Rich \\ **Level:** 5+ ===== Guild Announcement ===== Two months ago, a group of Irregulars undertook [[diplomatic_mission|a diplomatic mission]] to the [[lezhar_marshlands|Lezhar Marshlands]] to resolve a conflict between two tribes of lizardfolk. That mission was commissioned by the [[oltarn_family|Oltarn family]], who have an alliance with the ruling Issek tribe. The Oltarns have now commissioned the Irregulars to send a group back to the Lezhar Marshlands, to assist the Issek tribe in dealing with an external threat. Based on the limited information available at this stage, it seems that the lizard tribes are being attacked by strange creatures not usually encountered as far south as the swamps. While they have successfully repelled these beasts so far, the Oltarns are concerned that the lizardfolk are understating the danger they pose. Irregulars participating in this mission will travel to Tinkett, where they will be briefed further on the situation by Saugren Oltarn, the family's representative there. The Oltarn family has requested that Irregulars who participated in the earlier diplomatic mission be included in this assignment if possible. The Oltarns have provided an initial purse of 1500 gp for equipment that might be needed by the Irregulars undertaking this mission, and promised a further reward "commensurate with the success of the mission" (the amount is not specified). ===== Gralik's Mission Report ===== **Case number:** 209/12/109 **Irregulars participating:** [[stoella|Stoella]] (1069), [[zulak|Zulak]] (69), [[eckhardt|Eckhardt]] (127), [[qira|QiRa]] (4111), [[leetor|Leetor]] (1337), [[petru|Petru]] (486), [[clunk|Clunk]] (4671) **Leader:** Leetor **Summary:** The Oltarns requested that the Irregulars who undertook a [[diplomatic_mission|diplomatic mission]] for them previously return to the [[lezhar_marshlands|Lezhar Marshlands]]. Their mission was to assist the Issek tribe deal with an external threat. This threat turned out to be the marching army of the lich-lord Vedroth. The group activated the Eye of the Serpent to protect a portion of the swamps. **Fatalities:** There were lots of things that were already //un//dead, but no Irregulars died this time. **Notes:** * A variety of undead were encountered during the course of this mission. A vampire (ooh!), undead trolls (or possibly ogres), an undead beholder, some undead skeletons, an undead cyclops, and some bullywugs. * The bullywugs were not undead, but alive. At least at first. * The Irregulars got some sort of blue crystal from a warforged and instructions from Karaden Greshtik on using it to activate something called the Eye of the Serpent. (This mission was already on file as commission 209/12/2, which the group has also completed.) * The Eye of Serpent was protected by a hydra, apparently the "puny" variety. * Tinkett has been evacuated, the residents fled to the protected area of the swamp, with the lizardfolk tribes. * The group confirmed reports of the recruitment of a private army in Lodren's Gate. **Declarations:** Just some sort of shimmering cloak taken from one of the bullywugs, which they kept. (Why do missions to the mainland usually come back so empty-handed?) **Commendations:** QiRa was commended for her role, particularly against the hydra. **Leadership:** The group seemed confused about who their leader was. They mumbled something about "shared leadership, shared responsibility". **Further investigations:** * Who is recruiting the private army on the mainland? **Accounting notes:** * 1500 gp in credit letters provided prior to the mission [source: Oltarn family] * 2000 gp award for this assignment [source: Oltarn family] * 7000 gp award for assignment 209/12/2 [source: Greshtik] ===== XP notes ===== /===============================================\ | XP notes | |-----------------------------------------------| | Bullywug Mud Lord = 150 XP | | Bullywug Twitchers (2 x 125) = 250 XP | | Bullywug Guards (4 x 150) = 600 XP | | Skeletal Cyclops = 700 XP | | Zombie Hulks (2 x 350) = 700 XP | | Beholder Zombie = 700 XP | | Corpse Vampire = 350 XP | | Skeleton Archers (2 x 125) = 250 XP | | Repairing Detritus = 250 XP | | Fen Hydra = 1750 XP | | Quest: Investigate the Disturbances = 1400 XP | | Quest: Activate the Serpent's Eye = 1400 XP | | Quest: Evacuate Tinkett = 280 XP | |-----------------------------------------------| | Total = 8780 XP | | Per person ÷ 7 = 1254 XP | \===============================================/ ===== Other mission reports ===== ^ Previous mission ^ Next mission ^ | [[behir_hunt|Behir Hunt]] | [[festival_of_the_moons|Festival of the Moons]] |

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