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====== Rockwood's Legacy ====== **Date:** Sunday, April 20th, 2014 \\ **Players:** Andrew, Craig, David, Henk, Hertzog, Rich \\ **Level:** 14+ ===== Mission Briefing ===== Gavik Bantrus flings open the door to Guildmistress Tarn's office and, with considerable effort, tosses an over-sized sword onto her desk. \\ "It's his, isn't it?" he asks. \\ Tarn just stares back at the gnome, expressionless. \\ "It opened up again," continues Gavik, "just like she said it would, and exactly when she said, too." \\ "Yes, I thought it might," replies Tarn, one eyebrow raised, "Lady Skallows has an infuriating reputation for accuracy. But why is there a sword on my desk?" \\ "The sword came through the rift. It opened up, right according to schedule. And then -- 'pop' -- a whopping great big sword came flying through. Turned me paler than a snow wight, the noise of it clattering across the floor did." \\ Tarn reaches for the sword's hilt and picks it up, holding the tip of the blade gently in her other hand. \\ "The weight feels right. I'll ask Uggard to take a closer look, of course, but yes, I think it is probably his." \\ She looks at the length of the blade, eyes suddenly alert and curious. \\ "Gavik, these marks on the blade, were they there when the sword came through the rift?" \\ The gnome peers over at the marks scratched along the blade of the enormous sword. \\ "Huh. I think so. I didn't look too closely. I came back here as soon as the rift closed again. Are those marks important?" \\ "If this is indeed Rockwood's sword, then these marks might be very important. You'll remember that Lady Skallows spoke of a message? Some of these runes are languages that I'm sure Rockwood didn't understand, so I think they were added to the blade after his disappearance." \\ Gavik looks cautiously at the imposing Guildmistress, and eventually risks, "Is that good news or bad news?" \\ "I'm not sure yet. But I do know that some of our guild members are going to want to put their plans to return to the Pit on hold to investigate this." ===== Gralik's Mission Report ===== **Case number:** 210/06/002 **Irregulars participating:** Clunk, Neris, Mørte, Stoella, Zulak, Zimmijon **Leader:** Neris **Summary:** **Fatalities:** **Notes:** * ... **Declarations:** **Commendations:** **Leadership:** **Further investigations:** * ... **Accounting notes:** * ... ===== XP notes ===== /===========================================================\ | XP notes | |-----------------------------------------------------------| | Bebilith = 5,000 XP | | Aboleth Slime Mages (3 x 1600) = 4,800 XP | | Neogi Great Old Master = 1,400 XP | | Cloaker Lord = 1,000 XP | | Nothic Cackler (2 x 600) = 1,200 XP | | Quest: Make Yet Another Deal With Tissella = 3,600 XP | | Quest: Hand-over Mørte to Gloom Lord Armentis = 0 XP | | Quest: Defeat Varendia, the Serpent Queen = 3,600 XP | | Quest: Find Rockwood's Message = 7,200 XP | | Quest: Locate the Missing Forcasters = 7,200 XP | |-----------------------------------------------------------| | Total = 35,000 XP | | Per person ÷ 6 = 5,833 XP | \===========================================================/ ===== Other mission reports ===== ^ Previous mission ^ Next mission ^ | [[more_unfinished_business|More Unfinished Business]] | [[tbd|tdb]] |

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