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====== Stitch ====== {{}} Stitch is located some ten miles upstream from Lockenport City, where the Western Yarne and the Southern Yarne meet. It is said that the town originally got its name because it "stitched" together the two branches of the [[yarne|Yarne River]]. The town is a busy center of industrial activity. Stone and other minerals mined in the hills to the south of Stitch are transported to the town to be worked or carried down river to Lockenport. Stitch also serves as a base for logging activity in the forests to the west and east. One of several places to stay (or just) eat in Stitch is the //Rosy Pig Tavern// which is built out over the Yarne river. However, a more prominent landmark is Swan Hall, which is actually a group of large open-plan buildings managed by the [[brotherhood_of_the_swan|Brotherhood of the Swan]]. Miners, loggers and other townsfolk spend much of their time (and money) on the games and other forms of entertainment available in Swan Hall. In charge of the Hall is Sister Lessira, who is known for her disarmingly pleasant demeanor, but who also has a reputation for not taking kindly to those who would disturb the peace. Sister Lessira is aided by an ogress named Etherel, who is employed as Swan Hall's majordomo. A friend of [[eckhardt|Eckhardt Swan]] named Brother Carrel Bondsman took up a post at Swan Hall a few months ago, and he assisted Eckhardt and his companions during a recent visit to the town.

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