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====== Stolen Goods ====== **Date:** Saturday, June 12th, 2010\\ **Players:** Andrew, Anton, Guy, Henk, Peet, [[rich|Rich]] \\ **Level:** 2 ===== Guild Announcement ===== //Note: This game was a last-minute replacement for a [[kots|Knights of the Serpent]] game, and no announcement was posted to the guild beforehand.// Jeltin [[dresk_family|Dresk]] is a member of a minor merchant family in [[lockenport|Lockenport]]. His family owns a number of warehouses, mostly in Old Town. There have been two recent thefts from one of the warehouses. First a crate containing valuable paintings was taken, and two days later a barrel of valuable herbs. Each time, there was no evidence of how the thieves gained access to the warehouse. However, in the second incident, the guard recalled a strong acrid smell and some scrabbling noises. Unfortunately, he was left unconscious and badly injured in the attack, and doesn't remember anything else. The Dresks do business with the [[oltarn_family|Oltarn Family]], who recommended that Jeltin ask the Irregulars who took part in [[diplomatic_mission|A Diplomatic Mission]] to investigate. The [[irregulars|Guild]] has assigned two other recent recruits to join the group for this assignment. Jeltin Dresk is offering 200 gp for information that leads to the apprehension of the culprits, or 500 gp if "at least one of" the culprits is captured alive. ===== Gralik's Mission Report ===== **Case number:** 209/11/029 **Irregulars participating:** [[clunk|Clunk]] (4671), [[leetor|Leetor the Maker]] (1337), [[ashanti|Ashanti]] (976), [[zulak|Zulak]] (69), [[stoella|Stoella Brookhollow]] (1069) **Leader:** Leetor **Summary:** This assignment was to investigate the theft of goods from a warehouse belonging to Jeltin Dresk. The group successfully managed to repel a third robbery, and captured one of the band of wererats involved, who was handed over to the authorities. Later, following the trail of the thieves, the group located their lair in the city sewers. Unfortunately, at this stage, significant complications occurred and none of the stolen goods could be immediately recovered. **Fatalities:** There were no fatalities. However, Leetor's skills at fleeing imminent and overwhelming danger were mentioned. **Notes:** * Reported encountering wererats, <del>big rats</del> giant exploding rats, and a sorceress of some sort (who was involved in some sort of urn-breaking incident). * Creatures released into the sewers identified as "fell taints". * Initiative was shown by the group in canvassing for additional business for the Guild. * Group sensibly identified threats above their own capability and alerted [[tavius_hume|Tavius]]. We could potentially send this group on danger-assessment missions? **Declarations:** Due to the unfortunate urn incident, the group fled the wererat lair with recovering any of the stolen goods. Nothing was declared. **Commendations:** Clunk was recommended by his companions for his role in subduing the wererat leader. **Leadership:** "It was a little short." **Further investigations:** * An emergency clean-up crew was dispatched to deal with the aftermath of the urn incident (see Mission Report 209/11/031). They were successful in capturing four of the escaped taints. It is believed that the remainder were destroyed by Bratis and his team. Note: Check assignment of costs of medical treatment for Millis. * During the mission, the manager of one of [[karaden_greshtik|Greshtik]]'s warehouses requested assistance in recovering an urn stolen from a neighboring warehouse. However, Greshtik's representative did not approach the Guild to file a formal assignment request. **Accounting notes:** * 600 gp award paid for this assignment, this included a 100 gp bonus above the agreed amount [source: Jeltin Dresk] ===== XP notes ===== /===============================================\ | XP notes | |-----------------------------------------------| | Giant rats (8 x 25) = 200 XP | | Wererats (2 x 150) = 300 XP | | Large rat swarm = 150 XP | | Tussiq, wererat leader = 300 XP | | Quest: Stolen Goods = 625 XP | |-----------------------------------------------| | Total = 1575 XP | | Per person 1575 ÷ 6 = 315 XP | \===============================================/ ===== Other mission reports ===== ^ Previous mission ^ Next mission ^ | [[diplomatic_mission|A Diplomatic Mission]] | [[crypt_of_the_dragon_prince|Crypt of the Dragon Prince]] |

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