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====== The Mysterious Box ====== **Date:** Sunday, March 10th, 2013 \\ **Players:** Anton, Caryl, Clinton, Guy, Jethro, Sean \\ **Level:** 7 ===== Mission Briefing ===== Most cross-country goods tranportation between Lockenport and the settlements of the mainland is handled by the Lockenport Transportation Guild. However, for some reason, they have decided to outsource this particular task to a group of Irregulars. The group assigned to this mission is required to pick up a box from the Transportation Guild, and take it to the Gnome Holdings, located on the eastern edge of the Mainland. The target of the transport contract is a gnomish noble named Lady Hollydove Silvershaper, who lives in Westrocks. Successful delivery to the Gnome Holdings carries a purse of 20,000 gp for the group. During Tavius's briefing, the group was instructed not to open the box under any circumstances, and only to deliver it into the hands of Lady Silvershaper herself. They were also warned against transporting it using magic or placing it in an extra-dimensional space. ===== Gralik's Mission Report ===== **Case number:** 210/04/009 **Irregulars participating:** Ashanti, Haruku, Lugh, Leetor, Elfish, Aldarin **Leader:** Leetor **Summary:** The group collected the box from the Transportation Guild and successfully transported it safely to Lady Silvershaper. During their journey they deduced that the mysterious box had some kind of attraction for lizards, since it attracted an increasing number of reptiles each day. A rescue from an airship captained by a "Tivernius Clasp" kept them from being overwhelmed by a variety of armored reptiles known as kruthiks. The captain of the airship, however, was a traitor, and attempted to steal the box. He stole a fake before jumping from the craft. **Fatalities:** Aldarin apparently had a near miss with lycanthropy, but there were no fatalities. **Notes:** * The group reckoned there was a purple lizard who liked Lugh. Also, they met someone named Rusty, who doesn't like lizards. * In between the lizards, there were some bandits, including a werewolf who liked carrots and not Aldarin. * The group didn't think much of the sheriff of Elin's Roost. Might be named "Huff" or "Puff"? [Replacements' note: The current sheriff of Elin's Roost is recorded as "Arbuckle Wees".] * The group also reported a fight with "a thousand choppers". [Replacements' note: See the Guild Handbook entry on //Statistical Validity of Large Numbers When Used to Describe Battles//.] * On their way to the Gnome Holdings, there was a battle on an airship involving a magical gnome. For some reason they described the airship as "goat free". * Leetor was able to pilot the craft following the unexpected exit of the ship's former pilot over the side of the craft, complete with fake box and taunts. **Declarations:** The group declared that they had recovered a magic basket from the bandits. This particular magic basket smelled really good and could be used to produce fresh, delicious meals for adventurers. Why did I let them keep the basket? I am so hungry right now! Also they declared an airship. **Commendations:** The consensus was that Haruku and Leetor should be commended for pulling a con on the gnomish pilot. (Some members of their group added that this was "despite being vertically challenged". And were then kicked.) **Leadership:** "Pretty alright" **Further investigations:** * Elin's Roost seems to have many abandoned houses. Possible investment opportunity? * What is the relevance of a goat-free airship? * The group suggested that "evil Tivernius" (the airship pilot) should be investigated further. * Apparently Len, the barkeep at the Webbed Foot, delivered the box to the Transportation Guild. **Accounting notes:** * 20,000 gp award for the whole group [source: Transportation Guild] ===== XP notes ===== /===========================================================\ | XP notes | |-----------------------------------------------------------| | Half-elf Bandit Captain = 250 XP | | Frenzied Werewolf = 250 XP | | Tigerclaw Shaman = 200 XP | | Bandit Snipers (3 x 100) = 300 XP | | Kruthik Young (6 x 125) = 750 XP | | Kruthik Adults (3 x 175) = 525 XP | | Tivernius Clasp = 700 XP | | Quest: Escape the Swarming Kruthiks = 1,800 XP | | Quest: Commandeer the Airship "Possibilities" = 1,800 XP | | Quest: Deliver the Mysterious Box = 2,400 XP | |-----------------------------------------------------------| | Total = 8,975 XP | | Per person ÷ 6 = 1,496 XP | \===========================================================/ ===== Other mission reports ===== ^ Previous mission ^ Next mission ^ | [[the_wizard_baylund|The Wizard Baylund]] | [[risk_assessment|Risk Assessment]] |

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