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====== Threat of the Undead Horde ====== **Date:** Sunday, June 19th, 2011 \\ **Players:** Anton, Andrew, Daniël, Diricia, Henk, Rich \\ **Level:** 6+ ===== Guild Announcement ===== Shortly before the Festival of the Moons, a group of Irregulars brought word to Lockenport that Vedroth's undead legions were marching south upon Tinkett. This news was followed by a handful of reports from scouts that the horde was approaching the tiny sea-side village of Uln. In the last five days, several scouting expeditions have failed to return to Lockenport. The day after the Festival, a low-key Congress of Guild leaders took place to discuss the potential threat to Lockenport. As part of the Congress's plans, the Irregulars have been commissioned to send a scouting mission to Uln. Participants in this mission must travel across the mainland, to village of Uln, and gather intelligence on Vedroth's activities. They should look out for any news on the whereabouts or fate of previous scouts. This is expected to be a risky mission, so preference will be given to experienced guild members. At least one member of the party should be able to perform an arcane ritual. Because this is likely to be a difficult mission, it has a generous purse of 10,000 gp associated with it. In addition, the guild will underwrite the costs of returning one member of the group to life, if this becomes necessary. ===== Gralik's Mission Report ===== **Case number:** 209/12/147 **Irregulars participating:** [[clunk|Clunk]] (4671), [[wizen|Wizen Jnr.]] (1077), [[qira|QiRa]] (4111), [[leetor|Leetor]] (1337), [[zulak|Zulak]] (69), [[stoella|Stoella]] (1069) **Leader:** Leetor **Summary:** The group was required to travel to the mainland village of Uln to find out what the lich-lord Vedroth is up to. Although they had to fight their way through a number of dangerous undead creatures to get anywhere near Uln, the Irregulars made contact with the missing scouts from the Genasi Defence Council, and established that Vedroth's army had simply walked into the ocean, and is heading for Comack Island. **Fatalities:** Unfortunately, the residents of Uln seem to have been massacred (or worse) by Vedroth's forces. **Notes:** * The group traveled by elemental skiff, provided by Ki-amar of the Genasi Defence Council. Upon reaching the shores of the mainland they were attacked by numerous animated remains. These were described as "spines with eyes and other organs still hanging from them". (I think I'll finish this sandwich later.) * A necromancer, who was apparently Uln's blacksmith in a previous career, was in control of two huge body-collecting golems. The ex-smith was possibly possessed, but this was not confirmed. * Despite being specifically instructed (several times) not to activate the return portal if there was any risk of something following them through, the group came **this** close to letting a huge bone dragon through after them. * Fortunately though, they didn't. But the missing genasi scouts did return with them. * Something about an escaped water elemental. **Declarations:** Because Guildmistress Tarn personally interviewed the group upon their return, I didn't get to ask them if they had anything to declare. It didn't sound like it was a very profitable mission though. **Commendations:** Zulak's performance was described as "not too bad". **Leadership:** Leetor seems to have set a new record for completing a portal ritual. (See the above note about the pursuing bone dragon.) I'm not sure if this counts as leadership? **Further investigations:** * The undead horde approaching Comack Island seems fairly important. * Ghel-tar of the the Genasi Defence Council mentioned a device called a "Mirror of Secrets" which was used to convert the citizens of Uln to Vedroth's cause. **Accounting notes:** * 10,000 gp award for this mission [source: Congress of Guild Leaders] **Promotions:** * QiRa has now completed sufficient missions for the guild to be offered residency. ===== XP notes ===== /===============================================\ | XP notes | |-----------------------------------------------| | Paralyths (6 x 400) = 2400 XP | | Bleak Necromancer = 300 XP | | Cadaver Golems (2 x 1400) = 2800 XP | | Stoneborn Dracolich = 3000 XP | | Quest: Threat of the Undead Horde = 1500 XP | |-----------------------------------------------| | Total = 10000 XP | | Per person ÷ 6 = 1667 XP | \===============================================/ ===== Other mission reports ===== ^ Previous mission ^ Next mission ^ | [[festival_of_the_moons|Festival of the Moons]] | [[defenders_of_comack_island|Defenders of Comack Island]] |

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