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====== Tussiq, the White Rat ====== {{}} Tussiq is the leader of a group of wererats living in the sewers beneath [[lockenport|Lockenport]]. Reputed to be a talented swordsman, Tussiq is an albino, and his pale fur gives him a distinctive appearance. A notorious schemer, Tussiq enjoys the allegiance of at least two dozen of Lockenport's ratmen, and the services of large numbers of the city's nasty sewer rats. His schemes usually involve petty theft, robbery and some occasional blackmail. Rarely does Tussiq's band resort to murder, and for this reason, the White Rat's continued presence in the sewers has thus far been tolerated by the authorities. During a [[stolen_goods|recent encounter]], Tussiq surrendered to the warforged [[clunk|Clunk]], but they were interrupted by a more powerful mutual foe, and Tussiq's band fled in the confusion. Tussiq had another run in with the [[irregulars|Lockenport Irregulars]] during the [[a_murder_mystery|investigation of Nareen Tillmoor's murder]]. The Irregulars determined that the wererats had been paid by Penella Tillmoor to stage a fake robbery and murder, to cover up her involvement in Nareen's death. Tussiq's band were also involved in the distribution of the drug zhar for the Tillmoor family.

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