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====== Xavorin Aldriksson ====== Xavorin Aldriksson had always led a simple life. Growing up in a small Dwarven community in the mountains, all he could hope for was to one day receive a pair of mountain goats from his father, to marry his dwarven sweetheart, and to start a family of his own. Xavorin and his family were close. They had to be growing up in the harsh conditions above the tree line in the mountains; sometimes they had to severely ration their food just to make it through a bitter cold winter. Xavorin and his brother Thaovin were the closest of friends. In some sense Thaovin was his only friend, since the closest family was over 15 miles away. Although the best of friends, the brothers were always fighting, arguing over the smallest of differences. The two dwarves where very competitive, testing each other to see who could climb the steepest cliff face, or who would be the first to complete the 30 mile hike through the Silvergleam pass. After a particularly bitter fight the boys had not been spoken to each other for over four weeks. At the end of her wits, Husmor Aldriksson sent Xavorin and Thaovin off to Windsbitter Plateau to find new grazing for the mountain goats. And to mend their differences... Only Xavorin returned. Without a word to either of his parents, Xavorin packed his few belongings. Husmor and Pader Aldriksson pleaded with their son, but to no avail. With a single tear in his eye, Xavorin kissed both of his parents on the forehead, and as he walked down the path from the stone cabin, he turned and whispered: “I go to Karak Kadrin”. The Aldrikssons saw neither Xavorin nor Thaovin ever again. ===== About Xavorin ===== {{ :xavorin.jpg?300|}} **Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?** Hmmph... My family: serfs of the local Thane. My familiy stay in the mountains near the Silver Mines of Thogrim Wyrmsbane, where they herd mountain goats, and make posset. I was born and raised in the mountains, and for many years knew only the few local families of clan Wyrmsbane. **Do you have a big family? Do you stay in touch with them?** Only my mother and father remain. Of my brother, I will not speak… **What are your religious beliefs?** Several years ago I left home and family to go to Karak Kadrin, the Slayerkeep, leaving my devastated family behind. At Karak Kadrin I entered the shrine of Kord, shaved my head, but for a crest, burnt the shirt on my back, and forever forswore the use of armour. I was given an axe from the keep’s weapons store, for I could not afford one of my own. After a year of arduous training, I received my first sacred tattoo, and then I began my quest for doom in battle, to die for my great shame, for the sin I committed. I now I pay to Kord to guide my arm and help me find the courage to face my own death. May I die with my sin fixed within my mind, so I may be allowed into Kord’s hallowed halls, for otherwise I will be doomed to eternity as a restless spirit. **Do you have any famous ancestors?** No, we were a serf family. **What sort of education or training have you had?** During the year at Karak Kadrin, I learned to read the rune script, and received religious instruction so that I could prepare for my death. I still cannot read common, although I did learn to speak it. Most of my time was spent on weapons training and in hand-to-hand combat. **Do you have a trade (other than "adventuring")?** Grmph… goat herd, but I left that life… **Do you have many enemies?** All my opponents have died in battle. If they had not, I would have already completed my quest… **What style of clothes do you favour?** I keep my head shaved, but for a strip that goes from the top of my forehead back to the neck. This crest I dye orange and spike up with pig grease. My hands, arms, chests and back are tattooed in blue, and I won’t wear a shirt or armour. These are the traditions of the Slayers of Karak Kadrin. **Have you ever killed someone?** I am a [[Dwarf Slayers|Slayer]], what do you think that means? **What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?** As long as they do not interfere with my quest, I have no issue. ===== Xavorin's Prayers ===== ==== Arrival ==== Kord, God of Storms and Lord of Battles, hear my prayers: I left Kellon-on-Sea a day ago, making my way towards Lodren’s Gate. With your strength guiding my hand, I have slain the last troll in the nearby woods, and now seek further monsters to face in combat. I have heard that an undead horde is making for Comack Island. This will bring many opportunities to slay the foul undead foes of the dwarves and other good peoples: I can hear your voice in the storms, calling me there. Getting to the island proved to be easier than I thought for many refugees were fleeing the island, and I very quickly found a ferry. During the crossing, I could not but think of Thaovin, and a lump came to my throat… maybe I will find release in Lockenport. On arriving in Lockenport I found out that there is a guild dedicated only to adventurers, much to my surprise. Although I have previously on worked alone, or in the company of other Dwarven Slayers, I have decided to join the Irregulars for this should give me many opportunities to face mighty foes in battle. Although I have just arrived, I have already been asked to report to a field office that has been established in the Estenwold, there to meet with Tavius Hume, and receive further instruction. Kord, I ask that you bless this new undertaking. Kord, may you grant me the courage to face all foes, the strength of arms to cleave them, and let me to prove your might in battle and win glory and renown in your name. ==== Defenders of Comack Island ==== Kord, God of Storms and Lord of Battles, hear my prayers: My companions are a musician, a hobbit, a woodsman, and an astrologer. The musician, Petru, is a creature of shadows, and leads the group. His tongue is greasier than the pig’s fat I put in my crest, a useful skill in a leader, particularly when we met the centaur leader. He is however indecisive in battle, whilst this would concern many, I have the courage to fearlessly charge the enemy no matter the risks . The hobbit, Ubu, is some kind of Knight of Sehanine, a comrade of faith, and one of much courage for his size. He is several inches shorter than me, and was the butt of several of Petru’s short jokes. The woodsman, or more accurately woodswoman Stoella, has the look of a cat about her, and is very useful to have in a fight. The astronomer Zulak, who gets his magicks from the stars, spent most of our time together complaining about the dirt or slime soiling his fine silks. He is a bit squishy in melee combat, however despite this, the poof’s attacks caused much havoc from afar. Then there is the walking suit of plate. Is his name clunk? or is that just the sound he makes? From Lockenport we made our way to Estenwold, to an abandoned village where the Irregulars have set up a field office. Here we met there with Tavius, who told us we were to take a warning to the centaurs. In the Estenwold, we were attacked by death hounds. You, Lord of Battles, guided my axe whilst I quickly despatched the death hounds, meanwhile the weaker members of our party were attacked by some fell undead horrors, purported reapers, and some mist that sucked the very life force from us. With faith in you, I helped the team overcome these evil undead fiends. Later we came upon the centaurs, and words from the musician, sweeter smelling than the mountain flowers, hmff, convinced the centaurs to come to our aid. They informed us that the abandoned village in the Glistening Hills was cursed, and that the camp must be abandoned. The centaurs offered to help us return quickly, but the unreliable fey magic failed, and we appeared in some underground cavern. As you know Lord, I can only rely on the accuracy of my own axe, and your power to guide it. After I had dispatched several abominations in the cavern, we explored the cavern further, and were attacked by otyuhgs, that I bravely faced and slew. We found a camber with an ancient harp, originally used to seal the Glistening Hills and prevent the foul abominations for overwhelming the surrounding area. Although my companions lacked courage, with faith in the Strength of Kord, I went forth to slay the monsters, ready to face my own death, to find penance for my crime. We were victorious, despite the lack of faith of my companions, and the musician, with the halflings help, started to play the harp in an attempt to seal the rift. Whilst the musician was playing the complex music on the harp necessary to seal the rift, further otyugh appeared through the bubbling red goo of the rift, threatening the musician and the halfling. Presenting the Sword-and-Bolt, the force of my faith pulled the neo-otyugh towards me and I then slashed with my axe. Having suffered many wounds, I was close to achieving final penance in battle, when further monsters started to appear through the rift, leaving the occupied musician much exposed. He called to me, I would need to protect him against attack whilst he finished closing the rift. If I did not, he would fail to close the rift, and the Glistening Hills and the whole of Cormack Island would be overrun with abominations. Kord, I ask your forgiveness, for I chose to save the people of Cormack Island over my own salvation. There will be more battles because Vedroth’s undead hordes continue of arrive, maybe in one of these battles I will achieve my goal. Kord, may you grant me the courage to face all foes, the strength of arms to cleave them, and let me to prove your might in battle and win glory and renown in your name. [XP awarded 2011-11-17] ==== Winter Comes Early ==== Kord, God of Storms and Lord of Battles, hear my prayers: Tavius has moved the Estenwold field office in the Glistening Hills, preventing the rift from reopening. Without even a days rest, Tavius sent us to investigate a strange circle of snow and ice. I was filled with gratitude for this must mean the opportunity to face further foes in battle. The walking plate mail was battling with rust, and the lioness woodsman was suffering from some infection from the Glistening Hills, whilst the fop half-elf was off on some errand, so they would not be able to investigate this strange frost. To make a full complement we were joined by three new companions: a human wizard, an elf archer and a hypnotist (there is something dark and sinister about him, that I just cannot place. I will have to watch this fellow carefully). Counting myself, the hobbit knight and our leader the musician, this made a team of six Irregulars. After a short trek, we were in the mysterious snow circle and came upon a pair of yetis. I recognised these viscous snow beasts from the Windsbitter Plateau and quickly set upon them. With a screeching howl, they called the other yetis in the area… I have slain many of these foul beasts today. In the centre of the snow we found a cave leading to a portal to the Fey Realm, where we learnt of a dispute between the Frost Prince and the Lady of the Feywild. Our leader, the musician Petru decided that we needed an audience with the Lady at the Court of the Winds. After much reluctance, I was dragged into some silly performance, which nevertheless managed to managed to impress the Lord and Lady of the Feywilds, Why this was so, Kord of Storms, Lord of Battles, I will never understand! In order to end the frost in both Cormack Island, as well as the Feywilds, we were sent to go and fetch some vegetable from a bog hag. On our march to the bog, Kord, we came across a mighty frost giant, so tall that he towered above the treetops. The rest of the group was filled with fear, and fled into the forest. Lord of Battles, please forgive me, for I could not decide whether to flee the giant as Petru our leader instructed, or to face my own death in combat, and so I just stood motionless. It appeared at first that the frost giant had been distracted by some noise in the woods, but then he turned, and started coming my way. And then, to my shame Kord, my courage fled me, and I tried to hide in the dirt! With a whistling sound, I heard the giant’s massive axe descend. I had not faced my death with courage, and knew I would be doomed to wander the world as a restless spirit, a failure to my faith. And with this dread thought, everything went dark. I woke to find myself in a different part of the forest, with the giant gone. O Lord of Battles, I grovel before you in thanks, your humble servant that failed you, for I know that it was by you hand that I was saved; that you have given me a second chance. And with this second chance I have found courage, courage to face whatever battles may come my way, and to face my own death. On obtaining the vegetable from the hag, and filling it at the weeping willow, we returned to the portal, to find it guarded by a white dragon! Again, my companions lacked courage, but I had found faith! And so I went forward boldly to face the dragon. I hacked and hacked at the tough scale hide of the dragon, and suffered many near fatal wounds, but continued the fight with courage. My companions saw my courage, and that my axe could damage the foul wyrm, and so they joined me in the fight. As I was about to pass out from lack of blood, the hobbit stepped in and with a final cut, the dragon died. Although Ubu has made the final cut, I knew that it was my courage, and the sustained damage from my axe, that I had allowed the wyrm to be slain. Lord, it is through this second chance that you have granted me that I can now call myself Xavorin Dragonslayer. And with the slaying of the dragon, and the closing of the portal, we returned to our world (the hobbit with some help from the Fey), having brought reprieve from the frost. And I, your faithful servant Xavorin, have found new courage through the boon that you have granted me. Kord, may you always, always, grant me the courage to face all foes, the strength of arms to cleave them, and let me to prove your might in battle and win glory and renown in your name. ==== Deeper into the Pit ==== Kord, God of Storms and Lord of Battles, hear my prayers: We are the second team of Irregulars to enter the Pit today, a great opportunity for me to win glory since it has been closed for many decades. The mission briefing carried a severe warning, and I prayed that this may be the chance for me to find eternal rest from the torture of this life. The irregulars that made up this team were mostly new to me; a fellow Dwarf called Angus, Brother Eckhardt a priest who prays by gambling... grmph... and two elemental beings: Sha'kar and Ignus. We descended bravely into the pit, following the path of the previous team of irregulars, passed some thombs where you, Kord spoke to me, and I was certain that my destiny lay. Brother Eckhardt refused to allow me to separate from the team, and I followed the commands of the company's leader. Further down the Pit we encountered two varieties of giant spider. These beasts were easily slain, and will pose no further threat to good peoples. We arrived at the Jaws, and then spent many hours wandering the caverns looking for Queen Isathrain's Staff, the magical staff we had been sent to recover, without finding any clues to the items whereabouts. At some point we noticed that we were being followed. Kord, in your name, I was ready to smite these mutant denizens, but Brother Eckhardt stayed my hand. After exchange of food... juggh...we determined that the creature was friendly. There is wisdom from Brother Eckhardt in not judging a creature by its appearance... We followed the mutant back to its lair, were we learned from their leader, a multi -tentacled imbiceil, that it knew where the staff was. In exchange for this information we would need to eliminate its enemies. These enemies turned out to be Grell, aberant creatures that looked like a floating brain with tentacles, which were busy performing some ghastly ritual. (The mutant leader would later tell us he had in fact thrown the staff deeper into the pit.) I charged into battle with the Grell, my faith in you Lord of Battles guiding my axe. I bravely went straight for their leader. The psychic powers of the Grell leader left my companions paralysed, but my will remained firm, and my arm strong, and I continued to hack at the leader, until I was finally able to slay it single-handedly. I quickly assisted my companions with the slaying of two further Grell, at which point the final Grell fled. On defeating the Grell, we rested and healed, and Brother Edckhardt decided that we should return to the guild with word of the Staff's location. On the return trip up the Pit, I could again feel my destiny calling. We stopped at the tombs to find the mummified corpse of a dwarf... may his soul journey through caverns filled with gold... Here we were attacked by a giant vampiric creature. I lost my wits for a brief moment and climbed into one of the coffins. But then Lord of Battles, I felt your hand on my heart, and my resolve returned. Holding up the Sword and Bolt, I went forth with your courage guiding me, and the radience of my faith shone against the darkness of the undead fiend. With the radiance of the gods, we were quickly able to slay the vampiric giant; your might, shining brightest of all. It was clear that we had not permanently destroyed the fiend, and that we would need to return to deal with it properly. So Lord, I live to fight another day… Kord, may you always, always, grant me the courage to face all foes, the strength of arms to cleave them, and let me prove your might in battle and win glory and renown in your name. ===== Xavorin's Statistics ===== **Xavorin Aldriksson**, level 7\\ Dwarf, Avenger\\ Build: Commanding Avenger\\ Avenger's Censure Option: Censure of Unity\\ Geography - Mountains (+2 to Dungeoneering) FINAL ABILITY SCORES\\ STR 11, CON 14, DEX 11, INT 17, WIS 19, CHA 8 STARTING ABILITY SCORES\\ STR 11, CON 12, DEX 11, INT 16, WIS 16, CHA 8 AC: 21 Fort: 17 Ref: 18 Will: 19\\ HP: 64 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 16 TRAINED SKILLS\\ Endurance +12, Heal +12, Perception +12, Religion +11\\ UNTRAINED SKILLS\\ Acrobatics +3, Arcana +6, Athletics +3, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Dungeoneering +11, History +6, Insight +7, Intimidate +2, Nature +7, Stealth +3, Streetwise +2, Thievery +3 POWERS\\ Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack\\ Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack\\ Dwarf Racial Power: Dwarven Resilience\\ Avenger Feature: Abjure Undead\\ Avenger Feature: Divine Guidance\\ Avenger Feature: Oath of Enmity\\ Avenger Attack 1: Bond of Censure\\ Avenger Attack 1: Overwhelming Strike\\ Avenger Attack 1: Seeking Brand\\ Avenger Attack 1: Argent Mantle\\ Heal Utility 2: Healer's Gift\\ Avenger Attack 3: Bound by Fate\\ Avenger Attack 5: Menacing Presence\\ Religion Utility 6: Deliverance of Faith\\ Avenger Attack 7: Blade Step FEATS\\ Level 1: Unarmored Agility\\ Level 2: Avenging Allure\\ Level 4: Dwarven Weapon Training\\ Level 6: Deadly Draw ITEMS\\ Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing)\\ Adventurer's Kit\\ Punishing Execution axe +2\\ Symbol of Divinity +2\\ Amulet of Warding +1\\ Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier)\\ Tattoo of Vengeance (heroic tier)\\ Potion of Healing\\ Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds\\ Gauntlets of Blood (heroic tier)\\ **Xavorin Aldriksson**, level 8\\ {{:xavorinl8.dnd4e|}} ====== End ======

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