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======Strange Constellations====== =====Introduction===== Pact-swearing warlocks live dangerously, but not through choice. They can’t help having this personality trait. It takes a certain reckless craziness to pledge oneself to an entity that is amoral, diabolical, uncaring, or, worse yet, utterly indifferent to reality except for its potential use as a chew toy. Bizarre patterns in the sky are visible to those in the right place, in the right time, or in the right frame of mind. That’s when warlocks seize the power bequeathed from the pitiless points of light that shine unchanging beyond night’s void—points of light that, in sum, form strange constellations ====Star Pact Warlock==== Some stars are said to provide good luck; to see them wink from heaven’s vault is considered a blessing. Other stars are associated with benign omens and powers of beauty, healing, and clarity of thought. Quite a few serve as beacons for navigation. But other stars are stranger, such as the stars used by alien creatures as illumination to peer into our reality. These entities are lumped together and described as residents of the Far Realm. Labeling them as such is a reasonable first organizing principle, and it’s the safest too. Attempting to gain deeper clarity on the true nature of such stars can bring researchers an unhappy fate. When it comes to alien horrors, truisms about “the more you know” being an advantage crumble to dust.Despite the dangers, the mad, the passionate, and the nihilistic continue to seek greater understanding of the very thing that tears asunder the minds of most inquisitors. Through trial and error, these people named new entities, guessed their natures, and teased out new spells for those whose pact is with the stars. These warlocks, sages, and scholars consolidated the bulk of that knowledge in a wizard’s tower, where they constantly researched more lore. Then rumors told of a horrifying new constellation that would rise in the east and that would bring in a terrible new age (according to some prophecies). To prevent this prophecy from being fulfilled, some enterprising people caused the tower and all its contents to burn to the ground one night during a spectacular meteor shower. None of those who originally pieced together the information survived. All that remains regarding the nature of the enigmatic star pattern that failed to appear, including many of the constituent stars, is embedded in the crystal headpiece of a warlock’s rod. The embedded message (a sort of psychic engram) is called the Confession of Melech ====Confession of Melech==== The Confession of Melech is recorded as a psychic impression inside a fist-sized chunk of purple crystal set as the capstone of a rod. The names and natures of terrifying new entities associated with the Elder Constellation becomes known to those who sleep or meditate with the crystal in their possession for at least one hour. Those with a passing knowledge of the lights speckling the night sky can point out constellations and the names of interesting or distant stars. However, those who swear the warlock star pact eventually discover new truths about what they might have earlier mistaken for mundane stars. such devout scholars learn the secret names for common stars, and indeed, they discover constellations of alien lamps too far away for most eyes to discern unaided. Star pact warlocks scour foes with icy banes and mouth curses given them in dreams born beyond the night sky and—though few enough admit the possibility—perhaps from the Far realm. How is it that warlocks gain their connection to this aberrant, unknowable region outside time by way of the stars? The truth might be that some stars have come under the influence of Far realm entities. such creatures use stars (some without conscious thought, but others with intention aforethought) as windows on the world. Warlocks draw influence from these creatures through the star for which each is named. It seems unlikely that every star in the sky is associated with a mind-shattering monster (though some star pact warlocks wake from nightmares where every light in the night sky simultaneously blinks open, revealing eyes . . .). But few stars are definitely so associated, and these connections are scribed in a spidery, shaking hand on a parchment titled **__Revelations of Melech__**. ====Revelations of Melech==== The scroll called Revelations of Melech is wound inside a narrow obsidian cylinder whose exterior is scribed with strange star constellations. The protective obsidian cylinder acts as a rod of harvest. The following names and associated qualities are scribed on the manuscript inside the cylinder. **Acamar**: Acamar is a corpse star whose motions and behemoth size send celestial objects that draw too close spiraling to their doom. **Caiphon**: This purple star is usually on the horizon. It has the guise of a helpful guide star, but sometimes betrays those who rely upon it. **Delban**: An ice-white star often visible only during winter, Delban might surprise the star-gazer with an impromptu flare during any season. **Gibbeth**: Better not to write or think overlong on this greenish point in the sky. **Hadar**: Hadar is the extinguished cinder of a star lurking within the cloaking nebula of Ihbar. **Ihbar**: A dark nebula between stars, Ihbar is slowly expanding and eating the light of neighboring constellations. **Khirad**: A piercing blue star, Khirad’s radiance sometimes reveals secrets and gruesome insights. **Nihal**: Nihal is a reddish star that writhes around the position it should hold in the heavens. **Ulban**: Ulban’s blue-white light disrupts cognition and the ability to recognize danger. **Zhudun**: Another corpse star, Zhudun is historically described as shining a baleful light over the ruined Realm of Cendriane in the Feywild before its fall. ====== Zulak Grayd ====== Zulak Grayd is a half-elf Star Pact Warlock. Unusually for a half-elf, Zulak was not raised by either humans or elves, but was instead raised by the respected Balaszar Dragonborn clan that once served the Emperor of the Arkosian Empire. Zulak ended up in the care of the Balaszar Clan, because his father saved his life when they were attack in the great forest. Zulak knows only that what was told to him by Medrash about his father. Medrash raised Zulak for the best part of a century, teaching him their history, culture and traditions. Outliving his teacher and guardian, Zulak set out to explore the rest of the world and experience as much of the glorious tales he was told by Medrash. He did not feel like he belonged and what to create his on destiny. Zulak tends to look down on others, and comes across as arrogant to many people who meet him for the first time. He is not afraid of "doing what the moment requires" which means he can be impetuous in combat, particularly when wielding his eldritch blast against those he views as enemies. =====Appearance===== Zulak is first a foremost a half-elf, and takes great pride in his appearance. He has a taste for the finer things in life, like a fashionable robe from his favorite tailor Feldor on Daisy Street, a good wine or a beautiful piece of art. His style is very unique, which he carries with pride. He chooses to decorate his shoulders, waist and neck with the skulls of foes humanoid, animal or mystical creature that he thought were worthy opponents to remember from his travels, and some to commemorate battles that lead to him discovering a new spell. From the larger skulls, he removes one tooth to add to his every growing necklace. This is a ritual he started almost 80 years ago. The skulls are also an effective intimidation tool which has truly only offended people, and got him into trouble he was generally not looking for. With the fairness and swiftness of the elves and inherited human sturdiness, makes him tenacious and hard to knock down. Some of the skills he has acquired were specially learnt to avoid being knocked down, which in turn, helps avoid getting his robes dirty and having to wash them. He tries keeping it down to once or twice a month. Lately however, since joining the Lockenport Irregulars he has been spending more gold on robes than he had ever thought he would in his life. Before coming to Lockenport he did not know that there was such fashionable clothing available, furthermore the amount of absolutely disgusting stuff he has had to walk, wade and swim through has contributed to the spent gold robes. Some of the robes he had to burn because of possible disease!! =====Personality Traits===== **Positive Traits** Candid - Devoted - Does what is right - Faith in Himself - Flexible - Focused - Interested - Open-Minded - Optimistic - Persistant - Positive - Practical - Realistic - High Self Esteem - Serious - Willingness. **Negative Traits** Impolite - Indecisive - Unforgiving - Controlling - Egocentric - Vain - Self Centered - Ostentatious =====Attributes===== **Positive Attributes** Adventurous - Calm - Clean - Conscious of Weakness - Develops Mental Capabilities - Has Direction - Efficient - Graceful - Innovative - Higher Social Interest - Motivated - Resourceful - Tough - Stamina - Risk Taker - Trustworthy **Negative Attributes** Substance Abuse(Pipe Weed) - Destructive - Lacks Initiative - Unobservant ===== Interview with Zulak ===== {{:76f0e114a6449232dbd44c2b2045048a.jpeg?500|}} **Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?** By Bahamut!! No!! I was born in the Great Forest, but raised in what has been rebuilt of the Old Arkosian Empire. **Do you have a big family? Do you stay in touch with them?** I may or may not have, it is none of your business. **What are your religious beliefs?** I follow Io's better half, Bahamut. **Do you have any famous ancestors?** Not that I know of, no. (Recently discovered my heritage.) **What sort of education or training have you had?** Madrash had taught me all he knew as a Warlock. I also have basic proficiency in Wizardry. **Do you have a trade (other than “adventuring”)?** I have no need for such a mundane time wasting pursuit. Learn all there is to learn through experiencing all that you can experience. **Do you have many enemies?** I have only one enemy, that I care to defeat...Death is the only worthy opponent and enemy. **What style of clothes do you favour?** My Warlock Robes are adequate. **Have you ever killed someone?** Lets pretend you did not ask that. **What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?** Bah!!! I have no interest in petty politics, they must do as they please. ===== Zulak's Journal ===== ====Arrival Lockenport==== I have ventured to the island of Comack in search of the items Medrash had told me of. It was late afternoon when I arrived in the town of Lockenport, there was much joy around town, because some group of mercenaries had located and rescued a local fisherman. Seeing it as none of my business I decided to take up board at The Burly Wench to see if I could find out anything interesting about the city and surrounding lands. The city of Lockenport is very divided with all its trade families and guilds running amuck trying to out do the other, getting information was harder than I thought. The prevailing interest was from which guild or organisation I was from. Obviously not wanting to confuse or scare the poor partons of the Inn, I said that I am only passing through and that I'm not part of any "organisations". When the third person I told that too, turned around and ignored me, I came to realize that being part of one of these "organisations" is a corner stone in these peoples mundane lives. I decided to retire when the first barfight broke out, as I washed my robes a week ago and do not feel the need to do it again till next month. ====Lockenport Day 2===== I awoke with the smell of freshly baked bread and spiced soup lashing at my nostrils. I was stiff, as the hay mattress was worn and did not help much in protecting me from the ironwood base it was laying on. After breakfast I decided to walk around Lockenport and see if I could find out more about the city and considered changing my tactics regarding my questioning techniques. I was heading towards the apothecary, when I noticed a Gnome staring at me and beckoning me over. Intersted in what the little man had to say, I headed off in his direction. He smiled and handed me a pile of books and envolopes and asked me if I would mind carrying it to his house. He introduced himself as [[orryn_silvertongue|Orryn Silvertongue]], as if that was suppose to mean anything to me. I greeted him and introduced myself. He could immediately tell that I was new in Lockenport. I enquired to how he knew...? His answer was simple..."You don't know me." He said with a smile, as if that answered the question. He enquired as to my interests in Lockenport. Not wanting to scare away the only person I have had a half decent conversation with since arriving in Lockenport, I told him that I am looking for some work. Looking pleased he told me to apply at the Lockenport Irregulars. I thanked him for the information and handed him his books and envolopes when we reached the gate to his house. Orryn thanked me for my help and mentioned that if I required any assistance with the local authorities that I should mention his name. I had not really taken notice of my surroundings till after I had left Orryn's home. I was standing at the lower end of what is known in Lockenport as the Upper Ward. I found it rather agreeable and decided to take a walk around the Ward to see what other homes are located in this part of Lockenport. There are houses of all sizes ranging from small cottage size to huge mansions. The walkways are paved with a yellowish square stone, with an ornate tall lantern decorating each corner. The residence of the Ward take pride in their gardens. Most boundary walls had a neatly manicured hedge stretching from one side of their master's estate to the other, where his neighbor continued the theme. The gates to the smaller home are generally made out of a sturdy ironwood with beautiful carvings on them, depicting the family crest or some significant event scene important to the family that lived there. Heading up the the walway further away from the bussle of the centre of town, the estates start to get bigger turning from cottages into average size homes into manors ultimately into mansions. The estates are less maintain as the cost involved in maintaining them must be enormous. One estate in particular was very very well maintained, it has thick shoulder high stone walls with thick spear pointed iron bars stretching up another ten feet forming a palisade around the entire estate. The enormous gate is made from iron and has two huge family crest on each side. I wondered at the amount of time, money and effort involved to make these two pieces of art and the engineering contraptions needed to lift and mount them into their permanent resting place. The rest of the estate was just as decadent and it became clear that whoever lives here is a very influential. Zul appeared and sat up on his hide legs looking over the wall at the mansion making a cooing sound in admiration at the beauty of the estate. "Yes, yes my little Zul, we will have a house like that soon, well maybe a little smaller, then you can have a whole wing or two to yourself." Zul licked my ear with his little forked tongue confirming our agreement. *Mental note, enquire who lives here* I turned and headed back down to the town centre. Feeling satisfied with how the day had started I decided to head down to the beach to smoke some pipeweed. ====Lockenport Day 5==== I have come to know the layout of Lockenport quite well over the last few days. The city is in quite a mess with all the intricacies of the organisations laying claim too this item or that fishing spot or whatever other place or thing they feel will give them the upper hand over there competitors. Through it all things rarely got nasty, and most of the time the city is peaceful. I think that I will apply at the Lockenport Irregulars today, seems a good a time as any. I still have not gotten any useful information about the surrounding lands, and I have no idea where to start searching for these items Medrash told me about. It was still morning when I left the Burly Wench. I noticed a commotion over at the Irregulars Guild. Seeing as I was planning on enquiring about work today I headed off in the guilds direction. A very displeased Orc, grunting obscenities to himself walked past me as I was approaching the gate to the guild. When I reached the guild there was a rather odd group heading inside. There was a Gnome, Shardmind, Razorclaw and a Warforged towering over the rest of the group. Intrigued by the composition of this group I decided to join them wherever they were heading. I approached the gnome, as my previous experience with their kind was very satisfying and he looked to be the leader of this rather interesting group. Where are you heading to friend? The gnome turned without stopping; "The the Hall of Waiting, there has been some foul afoot and we will be investigating". I asked if I could join the group in their mission, as my skills might come in handy? The gnome stopped and took a quick evaluation of me and nodded. "You sure can, you look like you can handel yourself in battle should the need arrise. I thanked him and our group set off in the direction of the Hall of Waiting. I took the time to introduce myself to the rest of the group, who in-turn introduced themselves to me. I learned that part of this group was responsible for the rescue of the fisherman, and another part for resolving the conflict in the Lezhar Marshlands. Pleased to be in the company of such courages beings, I was content that this was not going to be a mundane experience and that I could actually hone my skills, and improve myself. After what had seemed an eternity, a rather nervous looking half-elf came into view. The gnome named [[leetor|Leetor]], approached the half-elf. "Delk" Leetor shouted with delight, "Is Tavius ready to see us?", Delk with a low voice barely audible over the noise in the hallway, "Yes, Sir Silvertounge". "Wonderful!" Leetor said, gesturing the rest of the group into the room. We got informed that their had been a break in at one of the warehouses in Old Town. We have been hired by a minor merchant family named [[dresk_family|Dresk]] to investigate the break in and hopefully retrieve the stolen goods and apprehend the culprits. Once we had resolved the issues of confidentiality, we headed to the supplies room. The supplies room is vast with all manner of weapons, armor, ammunition and artifacts available, to trade or purchase. The purse for this mission was very small so I decided to settle for a rather plain but sturdy mace for my main hand and my own Rod of Dark Reward in the other. The amulet of protection Medrash gave me will help me diminish and damage, and my belt of resilience will assist me with my healing. After the rest of the group had gotten ready we left for Old Town. ====Stolen Goods==== Man what a dump!! I cannot believe that anyone would store anything of value in that rickety old warehouse. The warehouse looked like it was build by a group of blind fisherman, probably was...the place looked like it could go up in flames any second...and we had to spend the night here waiting around, hoping that for some reason or the other that the culprits will be stupid enough to come back and try their luck again...RIGHT!?!! There was definitely something wrong with this whole scenario, first the manager of the warehouse next door to Dresk's warehouse was in my mind very very suspicious. We offered him our help and mentioned that we will investigate what happened there, during our current mission, and that he should go to the guild and report the incident. It was not long after dark when there was and putrid acidic smell and a green glow coming from one of the flagstones in the warehouse where we were staking out. I was standing on top of a high stack of crates so the I could have an superior advantage over who or whatever we were going to face. Our group watch closely as giant rats come out of the hole and WERERATS!!!! We managed to kill some of the giant rats and we also subdued one of the wererats for "questioning" purposes. After establishing who was behind these break ins, WE HEADED INTO THE SEWERS!!!! I was ready to tell the group they can forget about me for the rest of the mission, but the intrigue was just to much for me...guess I will be in freshly washed robes by tomorrow afternoon. So we headed into the sewers that to my surprise was not too bad in the beginning areas. Why anyone would choose to travel through sewers was beside me!!! We searched the sewers and found nothing out of the ordinary, till we reached what looked like the outlet pipes. The group decided that we had to CRAWL THROUGH!!!! Are you kidding me!? Seriously!? WADE THROUGH THAT!? After everyone had gone, I covered my mouth and nose and went through the pipes that was a lot smaller than I thought. On the other side, we heard some sound coming from what appeared to be a lair of some sort. There were lots of rats, wererats and a woman. I was attacked by a swam of rats, but I dispersed of the quickly but not before they damaged my robes. Mental note I will have to have them repaired...mmm on second thought looking at them now, I should replace them!!! Anyway the team worked together to finish off the rest of the rabble. We pursued the sorceress, but we got attacked by some invisible beasts. These we decided not to fight as we couldn't fight something we could not see. We reached the guild and immediately reported the incident to Tavius. To my surprise a well organised group immediately left to deal with the "clean-up" of our mess. Well at the end of the day we achieved or goal and completed the mission. We also manage to get some more work for the guild so they should be happy. Now I'm going to have a bath and go and attend to my rather beggar looking robes. The gold I earned today should come in handy. ====Lockenport Day 7==== I woke up today feeling good after a very good nights sleep. I'm glad I took the time to replace that worn mattress with a new one. I have paid rent for the room for two additional weeks and felt I needed to replace it as it looks like I will be in Lockenport for awhile. It's been two days now since our little battle in the sewers, and my new robe is still a little stiff being new, but should soften up in the next day or two. I think I will go and have some pipe-weed and a good breakfast. On my way to the beach a poster caught my eye on the notice board outside the guilds gates. Adventures needed for mission to a possible Draconic crypt. I decided to head over to the guild and sign up immediately. This could lead me to some clues regarding the items I am looking for. I reached the hall of waiting, I found Clunk already standing there. I decided to join him and seated myself next to the huge hunk of metal. "Clunk here for Crypt mission?" I asked keeping my dialect simple. (*click-whirr-clunk*) "Yes" Clunk said. Feeling good that a good defender will be accompanying this party I decided to sit and wait to see who shows up for this mission. We did not wait too long when a priest from the Brotherhood of the Swan showed up. "Are you gentlemen here for the mission to the crypt?" the priest asked not looking up from the gold coin he was flipping over his fingers. "Eckhart.. (*click-whirr-clunk*) Welcome". Ekhardt looked up with a suave smile, "Thank you kindly my metal friend, good to see you again Clunk" Ekhardt said. Turning to me he asked, "Do excuse Clunk, a warforged of few words. Who might you be?" "My name is Zulak, will you be joining us on the next mission brother?" Looking back down at his coin then back up at me, "Yes, yes my brother, dire times, I fear have befallen me, and the need for gold is great." I did not feel the need to hear the whole story and just assumed that my new future companion here owes quiet a bit of gold to the locals. Delk opened the door to Tavius's study. "Is Tavius ready to see us?" Eckhardt asked. Delk shook his head, "No Master Tavius says their needs to be six of you for this mission." then he closed the door again. Eckhardt cringed, "My how I love the hospitality in the Hall of Waiting", "Three down and three more to go.", I cleared my voice"Actually two more, there is a [[drow|Drow]] Elf standing at the entrance to this corridor." "Rodakan..(*click-whirr-clunk*)Welcome." Cluck said while still staring at the wall."Thanks for the introduction Clunk" [[Rodakan|Rodakan]] said, lazily pushing himself away from the wall. Petru walked over and nodded at Eckhardt "I see you find yourself in the dis-favor of the gods brother." Eckhardt ignored the statement. We all returned to our waiting thoughts. Zu my dragonling appeared to come and keep me company. I know he's affection comes at a price, it was not long before Zu demanded something to eat. "I'm sorry, we have not had breakfast yet and you must be hungry." I offered him a piece of dried meat. Zu nab the small piece from my fingers gobbled it up then ran up my arm to sit on my shoulder. When he burbed a tiny flame came out his mouth. "You should chew your food." I told him. Zu made a small hick and I rubbed his head with my finger, then he wrapped himself around my neck, as he always did showing his affection and satisfaction that I still give in to his tiny demands. Eckhardt smiled with relief and said, "Welcome Stoella and Wizen Jnr.", "Stoella..(*click-whirr-clunk*)..Wizen ..(*click-whirr-clunk*) Welcome". I greeted them both. "Seeing as we already know each other, shall we?" Eckhardt gestured at the door. [XP awarded 2010-09-11] ====Crypt of the Dragon Prince==== Tavius as always was sitting in the middle of what appears to be a towering pile of papers held together by a sting and supported by a stick placed on the side to give it extra support. Man how do they find anything in that place, no wonder Delk looks so depressed all the time. Tavius did not even notice us standing in front of his desk. Eckhardt cleared his throat. Tavius looked up annoyed by the intrusion when he realised who was standing in front of him. "Welcome, please I do apologise I have been busy with some reports and ...." his mind trails off to ponder about something. Tavius focused on the group infront of him again, "You are here about, mmm let me see, oh yes here it is, case 209/11/053, you will need to meet up with [[darius_cargill|Darius Cargill]] at the Lockenport University. He wants you to escort him to the newly located Draconic Tomb." We had to escort this annoying human to the Draconic Crypt that is located somewhere in the Badlands. Mmph foremost authority on Dragonborn, yeah as if scale cleaning is the only thing Dragonborn are known pitiful. Beside the fact the man latches on to you like a blood sucking leech if you give him the slightest bit of attention. I ignored him as far as I could. The fisher man that the Irregulars saved the day I arrived in Lockenport was kind enough to transport us to the badlands. My excitement grew and I became more and more restless with each passing league towards the crypt. I wonder who the Prince was that was buried there and why so far away from the Arkosian Empire? Nonetheless I had to find out what is inside. We reached the crypt only to find that it had already been ransacked. The Spirit of Price Neveen was hostile and no diplomatic agreement could be reached before a battle broke out between the irregulars and the prince and his battalion. After besting him and his men (spirits) we headed out to find the tomb raiders. On our way to Stitch we ran into a pack of annoying hippogryph that realized to late that we were not your average traveling party. In stitch we manage to track down the culprits, but we faced a Gauth in the market place. I was forced to protect the Dean and he very much limited my ability to help in the fight. My Vile Brand spell did however after several attempts reduce him to a pile of steaming goo. The Dean however was joyous and could not stop yapping about things that is actually very normal for our group. We found out that the group we were tracking was in town and Petru managed to get some information out of the adventures regarding the where abouts of the stolen items. We manage to establish that the sword Venthir was one of the items in question and the Dean could not contain his excitment. There was some other stuff that happened, but alas I think that slip I had knocked some sense out of me and for the life of me I can't remember past the fire genassi that was slain by that Knight Tarragon. Time for bed, maybe tomorrow will bring back my memories...yawn! Well not like it matters now [XP awarded 2010-10-17] ====Citadel of the Dead==== Puff Puff Puff, so our mission was to infiltrate, deliver, wait and retrieve. Well that sounded simple even if I must say so myself. Well the reality was much further from the truth. More like hike, fight, rest, fight, rest, avoid, fight, hike all the way back, long rest, hike back again, cross desert, fight, deliver, wait, don't retrieve, hike back home. Yes! that is right we did not finish our mission and that is not the way I want missions to end. In our defense, we lacked a healer and Rodakan was let us just say, sub-optimal. When we attempt missions that involve undead and wraiths we should strongly think about having a healer in the group. Pity our faithful brother was on a gambling binge at the time. Oh and I have a new Rod of Corruption, that came in very handy during our last mission. I have to sit and think about what styles I can bring to the guild, I'm sure teleport is going to come in handy at some point. I dare say I'm starting to like city life, I need to stop by at that new Tailor that opened on Daisy Street today as I really should start looking more the local, well not completely like the locals, I will have to see about something more....well...Me! Secondly I really have to go and see what more permanent accommodation is available here in Locks. Well well, I had a very pleasant couple of surprises today at the tailor. One, the man is an absolute genius with cloth, and two he is very handsome. I think he had I will, mmmm... I think that I will keep THAT to myself. I have commissioned him to make me two robes that will make residents of Locks go green with envy, not that I really care what other people think, it was purely to get a point across. Unfortunately I did not get the time to go and scout for alternative accommodations. But I have two weeks to sort that out. ====A Murder Mystery==== I'm finding my stay here in the Guild accommodation very comfortable, there is food available when needed and I don't have to deal with locals trying to get into my room because of drunk confusion. Lockenport is full of intrigue, and I'm finding myself indulging in more and more of the finer qualities of the Lockenport life. After moving my belongings from the Wench, I decided that some new robes and boots would be a welcome "personal" reward after the last mission. I think I will go to that extremely handsome tailor on Daisy Street to commission myself two new rodes. I have been finding myself in rather "out of the norm" environments and think I will need something a bit more suitable for my current, aaah what do the locals call it, oh yes...job... After I had finished at Feldor the tailor, I headed over the the shoe maker two shops down from Feldors' and commissioned a pair of sturdy leather boots. Seeing as I have a more permanent residence now, I should invest in some furniture and other amenities that I lack at my current home. Some drapes and a sturdy chair would do just fine. I think that was 10 gold well spent. Sitting in the Guild court yard smoking some pipeweed and Zul in a half doze wrapped around my neck like a scarf. Zul lifted his head and moaned disapprovingly at the intrusion of he's tranquil daydreaming. He was looking at Delk putting up a new notice for a mission. Not wanting to engage in any conversation, we waited for Delk to finished and headed over to the notice board. I was please to find that it would be a simple murder case and decided that I would not mind something local and that did not involve sewers. I signed up and headed to the Hall of Waiting still smoking my pipe. I had hardly turn when I heard someone clearing their throat behind me. I turned around and saw Pertu, "Greetings friend Petru, are you here for some investigative action?", "Greetings Zulak, care for some company on your way to the Hall?", "That would be a welcome change Petru, it would be a welcome change from my little friends snoring." Zul looked up at me and blew tiny flames out his nose in disapproval. Petru smiled and fell into stride beside me. "Care for some pipeweed?", "Don't mind if I do" Petru took a deep drag and blew out a large cloud of smoke. "Aah nothing like some pipe to brighten the day." I nodded and we in silence made our way to the Hall of Waiting. Cluck was already waiting, all shiny and polished. [XP awarded 2010-12-13] We spend only a brief moment in the Hall this time and headed into Tavius HUme's office. I was relieved to find out that it was a murder case, and felt a little more relaxed. This mission would require little physical effort, and more intelligence. Intelligence not being one of my strongest abilities, I would just go along and blow stuff up if the need requires me too. By the sounds of things I might be lucky in that we will stay clear of sewers for this mission...but I will be holding my breath. We headed over to the guard house to get some information. After speaking to the guards we set out to follow the leads and quickly got back onto the trail that had not gone cold yet due to numerous overlooked clues and evidence. We headed to the Tillmoor's mansion in the Upper Ward. I do so love going to the Upper Ward, I made a pledge to myself and Zul that we will own a property in the Upper Ward not to far in the future. The Tillmoor resdidence is a very large estate on the Upper Ward...I just have to stop again and ask, don't you just like the sound of it? Upper Ward...I wonder if any properties are for sale there? Zul appeared next to me hovered over to sit on my shoulder. "Zul you are almost as bad as me...well you ARE me so it figures that we would like the same things." Mmmm, for some reason everything we did from then up to the bloody sewers is a mystery to myself. But we got to have some fun with old Tussiq and he goonies, such a sporting fellow. Those mangy rats have hopefully learnt not to strop with their superiors. The relief after getting out of the sewers was all encompassing and took my attention away from the current urgency. Mental note, invest in some more fashionable travel robes, I really don't want to be seen in the Upper Ward dressed like a vagabond, mmmm!?? **(Suddenly looking around)**; They can do with a couple more skulls around to brighten up the place thou. ====Lagoon Hauntings==== This was by far the most intriguing, not to mention the most challenging adventure I have experienced. We travel to a new very "rural" part of the island. We knew this particular mission was going to be challenging as 3 other adventuring parties from the Guild had failed, including one with Delk as a member. Tavius was concerned for his wellbeing. We promised that we would return Delk safly and headed out too Dunsey next to Turtle Lagoon. One our way to Dunsey we encountered a far superior enemy, that we identified as a Lamia, which is a Fey creature of currently, immesurable strength and we needed to retreat to the safety of Dunsey. The village was completly falling apart with regards to the governance and health care. We realized that there is something afoot that sounds more like miss management and incompetance than anything else. The Mayor of Dunsey was suspicious right from the start, and we immediately came to the conclusion that the man needed to be removed from his seat of power. We headed over to one of Dunsey's ex-council memebers and we came to learn that it was in fact the council that hired us and not the mayor. After compiling a list of everything that was wrong in and around Dunsey we set out to rectify the problems. [XP awarded 2011-02-28] First we needed to deal with the rumours of a ghoul infestation that was not rooted out by previous Irregulars as stated. We found a cave on the northwest side of the lagoon and quickly and effectively dispersed the foul smelling crowd and the upstart Ghast that was most probably the cause of the re-infestation of the area with those abominations. After looting the cave we decided to head north in search of some berries that could cure the disease known as mummy rot that brought Dunsey to its knees. On our way however we came across some hastily made graves and the group decided to do some grave digging to determine if these unfortunate souls could be the missing adventurers from Lockenport. Thank Bahamut I did not have to carry the awful smelling remains for resurrection purposes, I would never have gotten that smell out of my robes. Further up north through the pass we found a group of cultist. Why people behave the way they do is beside me. They were a bunch of bubbling buffoons dancing around a fire raising a mummy. The mummy we determined was the cause of the disease and we managed to unroll his bandages and he was really not that impressive after that. I think he felt a bit exposed. The leader was a bit harder to vanquish , but our group has had some fighting together and our group pulled through. We managed to locate the berries required to make the antidote for the mummy rot, but we ran into some trouble getting them. Can't anything just be straight forward and simple like smoking a pipe, or shopping for new robes. "Mental note: Reassess personal aspirations" There is always something wanting to kill us, anyhow the creature that we faced was I have to say formidable and there was a point where we thought we might be dug up by future adventurers for resurrection. I did manage to do some considerable damage to the beast and once again team work was the senario that led us to victory. We collected the berries and headed over to the area where there have been some bandit raids. We were aware that the bandits are the youths of the village standing up against the mayor of Dunsey. We managed through diplomatic means to secure an agreement between the leader of the group and the mayor of Dunsey. He had no means of asserting is reign of incompetence as the guards did not follow is orders to arrest the youths. We met a man from the group that told us the story of Nazzelia and together we set out to put her to rest. When we encountered her our new friend turned into a Dragon and boosted our defenses and powers. I felt like I could take on this Hag by myself. After a hefty long battle we managed to defeat Nazzelia and her soul was free. All in all this was an very exciting mission and I had learnt a lot about my travel companions. Back in Lockenport after I had declared the Eldarin ring, it was confiscated for Lady Elismay of the Academy. I decided to go to the my room and smoke some pipeweed. This was an exhausting day. At least my robes survived this day, silver lining for this mission. ====Week of Rest==== I have decided to take this week and reassess what it is that I'm doing here in Lockenport. ====Behir Hunt==== Well today turned out to be an eye opener. Things are not always what they seem, and we found that out the hard way today. I have to admit that I did rather enjoy today, even with <del>Peanut</del> <del>Cashew</del> the halfling that joined us on this mission. <del>Her</del> His erratic and sometime unbelievably unnecessary japing caused me such irritation that I actually considered sending a rouge Eldrich blast his way and then blaming it on the confusion of being in the midst of a battle!! The two lambs that he wanted to use to sedate the Behir was a complete waste of gold and Old Mag's dogs got more use out of them than we would have... So the Elismay family is very involved in this current situation and I don't think anything good is going to come from our encounter with the Fomorian. The Eldarin were very concerned that these creatures were so bold as to come into the part of the Fey that was governed by the council and the message to Lady Elismay at the academy was even more concerning as those creatures could possibly enter into the real world and cause havoc and destruction on the local population of the Mainland and even Comack Island. Mark my words we will be facing more of those foul creature in the future and we should prepare for their arrival or even try and prevent them for ever entering the real world. This is very worrying I think I will go and smoke some pypeweed and contemplate what the best way to address this dire situation. Maybe I need to speak to lady Elismay directly regarding this matter. [XP awarded 2011-03-14] ==== Return to the Lezhar Marshlands==== Okay so I mentioned that I have a super bad feeling that there is something a foot that is going to change our way of life. I fear that our missions are leading us to into an ultimate war between light and dark or good and evil. With the undead walking the lands, there is no denying the fact we are in some serious trouble should the rumors of cursed ones, undead and the Lich himself on the move. I think we stumbled into something that is going to take every capable man from his family in the hope to stand against whatever is heading our way. We have at least protected the Lizard Peoples home with the eye of the serpent restoring the shield around the land. I just hope it is enough to keep the refugees safe from whatever we are going to be facing. I feel like we are missing something, a vital connection that we are overlooking. What can it be? The Irregulars have to commit all resources to this, as the whole world's balance is in danger of being corrupted and destroyed. The Fey!! I'm sure the council will know what is happening, and Lady Elismay is not sharing everything that she knows. She has information that could be vital to our survival. Damn what is going on!!? The people trying to hide this matter is going to cause the downfall of the world. We have to start acting and we have to do it know!! I think we should be taking the time to question all the authorities in Lockenport, from Tavius to Elismay to the Fey Council!!! [XP awarded 2011-04-25] ====Lockenport Romance==== Aaah what a wonderful evening. I arrived at Feldor's Manor on the Upper Ward this evening with butterflies in my stomach. Even after all this time, when I see him he takes my breath away. I walked up to his gate running all possible senarios thought my mind of how this evening could turn out. But I was not quite prepared for what Feldor had in mind. Feldor and I greeted each other politely and I entered his home for the first time. Taking sometime to look around while he guided me to a beautiful dining table elegantly setup for two. Feldor's home, like the garments he makes are impeccably well designed, with clean lines and a uncluttered homely feel achieved with beautiful carpets and tapestries and furniture of unknown origin. The dining area had a nice warm glow from the fire sputtering away in the heath sharing its warmth and light with us at our romantic candle lit dinner. Feldor had prepared us a stuffed chicken with carrots, potatoes, bread, three cheeses and wine from the main land. For the first time since I arrived in Lockenport I left comfortable enough to open up an share intimate feeling with another of my race. The weeks have been filled with fighting, death and destuction, but now I can just be. Feldor and I talked about many things and I realized he was much more aware of the going ons of the world than I thought which was very refreshing and interesting. The mastery of his trade brings people from all corner of the lands and information is passed on to him in this way. We talked about the local intricasies of Lockenport, and progressed to wider events happening on the Main Land and even further beyond. I was awed to learn that Feldor knew of my family. He continued to tell me about my half brother Sylvian and half sister Nerina. My father was one of the advisors to the Queen of the Great Forest. After he got killed, Sylvian took up his place. Nerina went into mourning for 10 years after the loss of her father and ME!! He could not however give me a reason why I ended up in the care of Medrash and the Dragonborn, but he said that I should when the opportunity arises go to the Elven Council and let then know that I'm still in the world of the living. After finishing supper we moved to two comfortable chairs infront of the heath. Feldor, after poking the fire and adding another log, topped up my wine and we continued our discussion till late into the night. Feldor has a quick mind and he did not flinch at anything I told him about my powers, quests I have been on and things I have done. I questioned him about that observation. I was totally taken by surprise when Feldor told me that he was not always a tailor. He served on the Elven council as a Ranger for 3 decades before moving to Lockenport in search of a less violent path. He served as an apprentice to a human tailor. Having a natural nimbleness with his fingers, Feldor excelled at the craft of tailor-ship. When Delwin his master became to old to continue his craft, he left the business to Feldor. Feldor's garments have been sold for high prices on Main Land markets, even second hand garments fetch a staggering price, amounts that common folk can only dream of. I finished my wine and raised to leave. Feldor stopped me and slyly gestured to an adjacent room, and that is where I will leave you now, to your imagination. [XP awarded 2011-10-22] ====The Approaching Undead Horde==== News of the Undead Horde heading towards the Island spread like wildfire. Common folk were running back and forth with preparations for departure. Large amount of people rich and poor were bartering their life savings and good for passage on ships, boats, canoes and anything else that floated. Merchants are capitalizing on the demand for food and weapons, charging 10 x that what items were worth. I was walking to the entrance gate to Feldor's Manor when I saw looters jump over his fence. I aimed an Eldrich Blast right at their feet. They looters jumped back with wide eyes, all colour draining from their faces. "One more step and you will not have to worry about the horde as you will be dead." I could see the hesitation on their faces, not knowing what to do. One scrawny fellow whispered something and they slowly backed away, turned around and bolted towards the fence, helping each other over. Feldor had left on the first ferry to the mainland. I had insisted he go to my sister Nerina in the great forest. I'm sure they have made preparations to defend themselves. I sent with him, a letter from me stating that they must give him sanctuary. I opened the gate and walked out into the road. There were guards everywhere, shouting orders and escorting the wealthier families to there ships in the doc. Most of the Upper Ward had cleared out as soon as word had reached Lockenport about Vedroth's approach. The wealthier families had their own ships, where as the lesser families shared ships, yachts and other recreational vessels. The poor were standing on the docks begging passage on the ferry. Things were getting messy as tempers started to flare. Fights broke out all over the docks and men, women and children were pushed into the water. ====Defenders of Comack Island==== I finally met up with some familiar traveling companions from the Irregulars Guild. We set out to meet Tavius at a temporary base camp in the Estenwoods. We had two new members in our party and slowly got to know them along the way. I was still unsure of whether the two of them would be able to handle themselves in battle, as when we told hem about some of the missions we had done, they gawked at us, as if we were exaggerating the quests. After a long walk to the Estenwoods, we finally came across an old village. On closer inspection we noticed that the houses and other buildings were larger than those you would find in Lockenport. We could see that the buildings were old and has not been attended to for centuries. Some building were unusable and others barely. We met up wiith Tavius in a house that was mostly intact. The roof had partly caved in and a breeze was blowing Tavius’s papers around and Delk was running around picking them up and pinning them down with large rocks. Tavius noticed the group, and immediately gave us our mission. We were to head south towards the Twins and warn the Centaur people of the incoming undead host. We were to giving instruction that they were to be vigilant and send a messenger as soon as the spotted Vedroth’s undead horde. As it was an urgent quest to complete we headed to the Guild Mistress and plundered her stores…as she puts it. I selected a nice pair of Warlock Bracers that increases my defense against enemies under my Warlocks Curse. After everyone had selected an item from the stores, we headed south, following a crude map Tavius had draw for us. About 40 minutes into our mission we crossed paths with a foul looking dog. Flesh was dripping of the thing as if he was decaying on he spot. When half the team was committed to purging Comack of this foul Death Dog, myself and Petru got jumped by two nasty Reapers. After shrugging of its fear attack, I moved of into the woods to be out of the fray. I quickly found myself being surrounded by a thick mist. The mist slowly manifested into an elusive Vampiric mist. We managed to defeat all our enemies and continued on our way towards the Centaur village. Even thou it was mid afternoon, the air was chilly, a sign that winter was approaching. [XP awarded 2011-10-27] We managed to recruit the Centaurs to the cause, and opted to travel back to the base camp to warn Tavius about the impending danger the Irregulars are in. However the Fey Teleportation was interrupted and we ended up inside the Glistening Hill. We fought our way out, and managed to warn Tavius to move the base-camp about a half hour away from its current location. The mission was a great success. We did have some party issues with our newest recruit, Xav putting himself in very dangerous situations, and needing to be rescued. Ubu is a fun interesting paladin, I think we are going to see great things from the <del>little</del> brave halfling. ====Message from the Great Forest==== After we concluded our debriefing with Tavius, everyone sat around a large fire. People were still running back and forth, putting up tent and other structures. There is still equipment and food being carted from the old base-camp site at the abandoned Goliath Village. Just after dark a ragged soldier from the impromptu Lockenport Militia came over to me and handed me a cage with a magnificent Harpy Eagle, his was the signature animal messenger of the Queen of the Elves. I undid the sting tie that kept the cage shut and let the majestic bird free. It jump out of the cage and landed on my arm. I was surprised how heavy the eagle was. I quickly undid the first message, and read it... ===Message One=== It was a message from Nerina, my half-sister. Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien Zulak, thuni'tan swyn bedich. Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta Ú i vethed...nâ i onnad. Boe bedich go Zulak. Han bâd lîn. Elkenith Thior. Tollen i lû. I chair gwannar na Mistyvale. Si bado, no círar. Ú-chebin Estel anim. Law, hîr nín, ú dollen i Rîw. Anírach, nui lû, gwannad uin gwaith lín. ===Translation Message One=== Thank you for sending the animal messenger, to notify us. It is joyous news to hear you still alive Zulak, much has to be done. We have sent Elkenith Calmcacil, to temporarily take your place. He'll arrive soon. Do you think you can come to Mistyvale as soon as posible? The Elven Council is to convene, and you are summoned to join. We all have much to do, and there is much that you need to know. See you soon brother, safe travels. ==== ==== I re-read the message several times, I needed to get to the Great Forest, but how. Like a blow I realized that there was no mention of Feldor. My heart started racing as I quickly undid the second message. ===Message Two=== Nadath nâ i moe cerich. Dan, ú-'eveditham, Zulak. Aníron i e broniatha Comack, ad ae periatham athar i methid en-amar hen. Andelu i ven. Aníron i e círatha na Mistvale. Gwenwin in enninath. Ú-'arnech in naeth i si celich. Renech i beth i pennen? A si i-Dhuath ú-orthor, Zulak. Ú or le a ú or nin. I amar prestar aen. Han mathon ne nen. Han mathon ne chae. A han noston ned 'wilith. Namárië. Han'th ton methia in bedich. Hoe, al i alsio'th ti Mistyvale. Gwaith lin. ===Translation Message Two=== There is much you have yet to do. We shall meet soon again, Zulak. I would have you leave the shores of Comack and be with your people. The road is to dangerous. I would have you take the Fey Portal to Mistyvale. Long years have passed. You did not wear the troubles you carry now. There is much to discuss. The shadow does not hold sway yet, Zulak. Not over you, not over us. The world is changing. I feel it in the waters. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Travel by Fey Portal, an escort is awaiting your arrival. Farewell ==== ==== My mind was racin with hundreds of questions and no-one to talk to about it. I have no other option but to head to Mistyvale. I started to worry why Feldor has not sent notice that he has arrived safely. My mind was full of dead end questions. I moved away from he fire as not to show the concern about the current situation I'm facing. I would have to notify the Guild of my current plans to head to the Great Forest. It was just after dusk when a different soldier came to notify me that Tavius wanted to see me in his office. I quickly headed over to meet Tavius. There was two soldier standing next to the entrance to Tavius's tent, I nodded at them and they moved aside to allow me access to the tent. Inside there was the normal piles of papers and books that seemed to accompany Tavius where ever he goes. There was another person standing to the one side. Tavius greeted me and introduced the stranger. === === **Tavius**: Aah Zulak this gentleman is looking for you. **Zulak**: You must be Elkenith **Elkenith**: //inclines his head.// You are Zulak Grayd son to Arrian Grayd and Zulcan Fellor, brother to Nerina and Sylvian Grayd. It is an honor **Zulak**: //turning towards Tavius.// I beg your pardon Tavius, we will take our leave to conclude our meeting further in private. **Tavius** //waving his hand towards the door.// Fine Fine, you are excused. ==== ==== I could sense the Eldritch power emanating from Elkenith. We walked to my tent situated close to the edge of the base-camp. Once we got comfortable, we sat in silence for about ten minutes gathering our thoughts. Elkenith was the first to speak. === === **Elkenith**: I'm Elkenith Calmcacil, son to Idril and Valandil Calmcacil, I came with answers to your many questions, in return you will travel to Mistyvale and meet with the Elven council that will convene in 2 days time. **Zulak**: How do I get the [[Great Forest|Great Forest]] in time? **Elkenith**: The same way I got here, you can use the Fey Portal located behind the hill west of here, it is not far. **Zulak**: I'll start preparations immediately. **Elkenith**: But first I have some information that you need to hear before we depart. I'm happy to see you so eager visit your family, but it is no a pic-nic in and around Mistyvale. We are under heavy attack, Vedroth is spread out around the [[Life Preserver|Life Preserver]]on the North-East and East boarder. This foul dead that have reached here, are only scouting parties. **Zulak**: We have to warn Lockenport about this. **Elkenith**: I have dispatched a message to several of the local factions and guilds in Lockenport, they will be prepared as well as the can. Zulak listen to me, if the [[Life Preserver|Life Preserver]] falls so does Mistyvale!! We have around three hundred mages, wizards, sorcerers and druids from apprentice to arch- reinforcing it. **Zulak**: How long is it going to hold? **Elkenith**: For now it is holding, but we have never face such an vast army. It looks like Vedroth a rallied every evil creature on the main land to fight for his cause. This is an all out destruction of life. **Zulak**: What preparations have been made, and what are the Elven War Councils plans? **Elkenith**: The council will convene in 2 days to discuss plans for this war. Zulak never before have we faced such a vast army. I fear this is the start of a long war that will test the strength of the living. Vedroth is adding to his horde every time he attacks a settlement or city. The world will have to unite to face the undead horde. **Zulak**: What of the rest of the Main land, how are preparations going? **Elkenith**: I fear that there have been no word as yet from the messengers that were been sent out by the council. Preliminary estimation is the larger cities on the Main land was hit first. It was Vedroth's stratagy to attack them all at once, no warning reached those cities, so they were unprepared for the attacks. You and the Irregulars have done well against Vedroth's forces, but don't get complacent. What you have face so far in nothing compared to Vedroth. **Zulak**: Vedroth will pay for what he has done, we shall see if he can die twice. What can you tell me about my ancestral home? **Elkenith**: You were born in Mistyvale, home to the High Elves. You farther Zulcan however was not of Mistyvale. We found him on the west border, after the queen sent Arrian, your mother, and myself to investigate the source of eldrith energy that was thought to be destroyed 2 millennia ago. We found a young lost and confused boy. Arrian invited Zulcan, your father back to Mistyvale to speak to the Queen. **Zulak**: Please continue. **Elkenith**: Zulcan was a very complex boy, unlike any other human we elves have ever encountered. The queen started crying when see laid eyes upon your father. They were tears of remembrance. The queen is the sole survivor from a time when elves were slaves to a mighty race called Titan. These huge beings wielded the eldrith power that you, your father and I posses. **Zulak**: Why you talking about my father as if he is still alive. **Elkenith**: Zulak we never found your father, dead or alive. After you and Zulcan left Mistyvale on one of your fathers many secret and isolated adventures, we search for many moons trying to locate any evidence of you and your fathers' location. After 3 years of non stop searching we called of the search, redirected the resources to the war on our eastern border against Vedroth. Your mother mourned you and your fathers loss for a decade. **Zulak**: Did my father say anything from where he came? **Elkenith**: The queen had many questions regarding Zulcan "special" abilities. The power that your father and us posses, are from an eon ago. The black of eldrith was used to dominated the elves during their long years of slavery. The Titan were brutal masters and uncaring of the hardships there lavish and decadent lifestyles were causing. Your great ancestor is from the Fellor family located many moons travel to the west. Your father explained that he saw many wondrous things and places between his home of Blackstone and the Great Forest. Most notably the area where the Elemental Chaos slowly seeps into our world. **Zulak**: [[Blackstone|Blackstone]]? It is nothing but a legend. Madresh told me about the city of Blackstone once when I was very young. What can you tell me about it? **Elkenith**: The city is real Zulak, the journey to [[Blackstone|Blackstone]] is a perilous road, that only the bravest and strongest should dare to travel. The city is corrupted by an evil and ancient sword. This sword has spread its evil to the lands surrounding the city and have consumed forest and lake and all inhabitants of Blackstone. That eldritch power over the years has grown so much that we in Mistyvale can feel the evil pulsating from the west. **Zulak** You said the swords power is Eldritch, do you think that is the source of my power? **Elkenith** If there is any relation between your abilities and that of the sword, there is no question. Your power will grow, whether it will consume or protect this world it is still unknown. Know this however, Eldritch energies were believed destroyed with the tyrannical Titan race. **Zulkak** Has anyone attempted the journey to [[Blackstone|Blackstone]]? **Elkenith** A few yes, only one had returned to convey what he had found. He was sick and his mind had gone mad. None of our healers could do anything for him, he died of unknown reasons a few months later. **Zulak**: I have heard all I need to, I will be leaving now Elkenith, I want to see my family!! **Elkenith**: I understand, I will help you prepare, Take only what you need. I'll be waiting at the office of Tavius, I have more matter to discuss with him. ======Hope is for the Weak====== I arrived at the Fey Portal just outside of Mistyvale. As the Queen said in her message a tall elf named Triel greeted me and ushered me towards a beautiful black gelding waiting for a rider. He was unsaddled and his coat had a shiny sheen. **Zulak** This horse is beautiful, it looks like it is ment for a member of a royalty. **Triel** //Smiling// - It is our queens gift to you Lord Zulak, you are the key in great events to come and the queen has seen it in her visions. Please we don't have much time, we are outside the protection of the Life Preserver and Vedroth's spies are everywhere. //Jumping on his horse// Come we head for Mistyvale. The party set out to the elven capital. I looked around at my surroundings, an noticed the signs of battle. There was arrows stuck in trees, rusting sword scatter around the forest floor. We rode hard for about three hours, till we reached Mistyvale. Mistyvale was even more beautiful than I imagined, the city was a vast. The huge tree stretched into high into the air, with large intricate flora buildings at the top. Long bridges connected large platforms to each other. A soft light emitted from thousands of everglow torches and lanterns. A truly magnifisent sight to behold. Looking infront of me again, I saw a lovely elf woman, see was staring at me with tear filled large green eyes. **Arrian:** //Sobbing// My son returns home. **Zulak:** .... **Triel:** Arrian, you will have time to talk to Zulak, but we have to address the council, the queen is waiting. **Arrian:** //Hugging Zulak// We will speak soon, my son. We climbed the ladders to the top of and old oak. From this vantage point I saw an impossibly enormous oak standing in the middle of Mistyvale. It dwarfed all other trees. I was looking at Queen Narina's tree of eternity. The titanic trees branches spread in all directions, covering all of Mistyvale under them. Long elaborate bridges and lift systems connected the tree to all parts of Mistyvale. The base of the tree of eternity had large beautiful gardens set among the roots, with verandas, benches and gazeboes. We took an elevator to the pantheon level of the ToE. The level was crowed with elves all dressed in soft pastel colored clothes. We proceeded towards another elevator, and rode it to the very top platform. From this level I could see most of Mistyvale down below. We were nearly 450 feet above the gardens at the roots. I turn to face in the direction of a musical voice calling my name. I turned around and stared at the most beautiful elve I had ever seen. Queen Nerina is tall and slender and dressed in a simple elegant gown that hugged her figure tightly. She wore a leafy crown make out of gold and silver encrusted with all manner of precious gems. The crown reflected the lights of the palace and it looked like the queen was wearing the starry sky on her head. //Nerina:// Welcome home Zulak, your return signifies the start of great things to come. The council has been waiting, let us convene and decide what is to be our actions against the most foul Vedroth. //Zulak// Your highness honors me, I will not keep the council waiting any longer. We headed towards the Elven Palace. ======War Council====== ====Stats==== {{::zulak_10.dnd4e|}} ====Powers, Incantations and Descriptions==== ===Warlock's Curse=== **Incantation**: You Cannot Resist! **Description**: I place my curse on an enemy to reduce there defense against my attacks. ===Scorching Burst=== **Incantation**: Flames of Bahamut Engulfs You! **Description**: A vertical column of flames erupts from the ground and burns all within. ===Rotting Doom=== **Incantation**: Death Awaits You **Description**: I hold up my hand, palm out, and release pale wisps to infect my foe with horrid decay. ===Eldritch Blast=== **Incantation**: Eldritch Blight! **Description**: A bolt of cracking dark purple energy fires from my hand. ===Vampiric Embrace=== **Incantation**: Replenish Me! **Description**: A ribbon of twisting darkness streams from my hand to my targets heart, feeding on his vital life force to replenish myself. ===Vile Brand=== **Incantation**: Doubt Consumes You! **Description**: I cause a distant enemy's hide to blacken and form a brand that decreases my enemy's ability to strike against me. ===Frigid Darkness=== **Incantation**: Starless Shadow! **Description**: A freezing black shadow surrounds my foe, giving him a small taste of he icy darkness in the depths of the night sky. He is unable to defend himself while the shadows cling to him. ===Fiendish Resilience=== **Incantation**: Delban Protect Me! **Description**: My flesh becomes infused with the fell power of Delban, to lessen the effect of my enemies blows. ===Avernian Eruption=== **Incantation**: Exploding Flames! **Description**: Acrid orange fumes hiss up from beneath the ground to surround my enemies, then suddenly ignite in a thundering detonation, burning all in the area with searing flames. ===Unspeakable Bond=== **Incantation**: My Anger Shall Be Yours! **Description**: The injury I sustain vanishes & appears on a nearby ally. With it come my cold rage that makes my ally stronger and more dangerous. ===Influence of Acamar=== **Incantation**: Acamar Smite You! **Description**: Crackling black energy shrouds my body as I briefly take on the least aspect of Acamar, a dark and distant star. My enemy is struck by stray bolts of dark energy and pulled towards me. ===Iron Spike of Dis=== **Incantation**: You Cannot Move! **Description**: I call forth red iron from the infernal region and hurl then at my enemy, transfixing clothing, armor, skin and flesh, to nail him to the spot.

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