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A Murder Mystery

Date: Sunday, October 17th, 2010
Players: Andrew, Daniël, Henk, Peet, Rich
Level: 3 or 4

Guild Announcement

Two days ago, a young lady by the name of Nareen Tillmoor was murdered in an alleyway not far from the Burly Wench Inn. Although the incident appeared at first to be a simple robbery gone wrong, further investigations by the city guard indicated that the perpetrator bore a striking relationship to the deceased woman's husband, a man named Kelian Pegg. Confusing the matter further, however, is the fact that Kelian has an iron-clad alibi. He was gambling at the Burly Wench inn at the time of the murder and has dozens of witnesses to confirm his whereabouts.

Nareen's father, Alaine Tillmoor, is distrustful of the Lockenport authorities and has hired the Irregulars to undertake an independent investigation of his daughter's untimely death. He has requested that those assigned to this mission handle their work with utmost discretion. The purse for this assignment is 500 gp.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 209/11/108

Irregulars participating: Stoella (1069), Zulak (69), Petru (486), Jett (3577), Clunk (4671)

Leader: Petru

Summary: Despite the fact that the Irregulars undertaking this mission had the client arrested(!), they judged the mission to be a success. The person responsible for the murder appears to have been the deceased's aunt, the sister of Alaine Tillmoor (the client). It appears that Alaine was not involved in the murder, but was involved in the supply of some sort of narcotics.

Fatalities: Jett died during the course of the mission. His companions were given the option of funding his return from the dead (since his contracted restoration had already been used, see case 209/10/035), but declined when the cost was mentioned. As per his contract with the guild, Jett's possessions are to be placed into long-term storage, and released to his next-of-kin after one year.


  • The client's sister (Penella Tillmoor) had paid Tussiq's band of wererats and they were somehow involved in Nareen's apparent murder.
  • Gallard Tillmoor was discovered to be living in a jar. Or at least his brain was.
  • The Tillmoor family was involved in some kind of narcotics supply project. A blue powder called “Zhar” was being manufacturer in the old Tillmoor's Stocks and Supplies building. Tussiq's wererats were also part of this drug operation.
  • Petru said that Gallard was the “brains” of the operation. Surely a comment like that is a breach of some sort of guild rule?
  • In any case, he is now a puddle. (Gallard, not Petru.)
  • As well as their encounter with the wererats, the group also dealt with a pair of metal snakes that had something to do with the murderous aunt. It all sounded very complicated.
  • The butler didn't do it.

Declarations: Various alchemical concoctions, which they were permitted to retain.

Commendations: Petru was commended for his excellent leadership.

Leadership: As noted above, his companions felt that Petru's strong leadership was critical to their survival during the mission. (Not counting Jett.)

Further investigations:

  • Old man Gallard Tillmoor was apparently not quite as dead as everyone has believe for the last three decades. Is there any chance of recovering the money he still owes the Guild?

Accounting notes:

  • 500 gp award paid for this assignment [source: Alaine Tillmoor].


  • Petru has now completed sufficient missions for the guild to be offered residency.

XP notes

| XP notes                                      |
| Tussiq, the White Rat               =  400 XP |
| Wererats (4 x 150)                  =  600 XP |
| Dire Rats (2 x 100)                 =  200 XP |
| Giant Rats (8 x 25)                 =  200 XP |
| Iron Cobra (2 x 250)                =  500 XP |
| Brain in an Armored Jar             =  800 XP |
| Penella Tillmoor                    =  200 XP |
| Quest: A Murder Mystery             =  700 XP |
| Total                               = 3600 XP |
| Per person                      ÷ 5 =  755 XP |

Other mission reports

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