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Behir Hunt

Date: Sunday, February 27th, 2011
Players: Alicia, Andrew, Anton, Daniël, Henk, Rich
Level: 5+

Guild Announcement

Lord Padrius Hull is an eccentric (but wealthy) noble from the River Kingdoms that lie to the north of the Torgen Mountains. He is a collector of rare creatures, and he has commissioned the Irregulars Guild to capture a dangerous creature recently sighted in the Badlands.

The mission is to track, subdue and capture a behir – a multi-legged, serpentine creature known for the ability to spew bolts of lightning from its mouth. Behirs are clever hunters and voracious predators from the time they are hatched. Capturing a live specimen will prove a challenge for even the most well-prepared group.

Volunteers for this mission will meet a guide in the village of Highwatch and will be expected to return the captured creature to Stitch, for transportation to the River Kingdoms.

There is a significant purse of 6000 gp for this mission, payable once a captive, living behir is delivered to Lord Hull's representatives.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 209/12/082

Irregulars participating: Clunk (4671), Wizen (1077), Leetor (1337), Acorn (1001), Zulak (69), Stoella (1069)

Leader: Leetor

Summary: This mission was apparently a commission to capture a young behir for a nobleman from the River Kingdoms. However, during the mission, the group established that this was a ruse to lure them into providing a messenger service for the fey Court of the Whispering Winds.

Fatalities: Beatrice and Gertrude will be sorely missed.


  • On their way to Stitch, the group encountered a hostage situation, which they now believe was a test.
  • After meeting their guide (Terwilligan Swiftfeet), they sought out Old Mag Blackthorn in the Badlands. There was some sort of incident involving lamb curry and his dogs.
  • After fighting the behir at World's End hill, the group claims to have followed it over the hill, when they passed into the feywild. There they fought and killed a “gnome-eating fomorian”. (Or possibly a “foaming gnome eater”, I can't read my own notes for this bit).
  • They went dancing at the Court of the Whispering Winds and met Lady Illadria Elismay. She asked them to convey a message to her sister, Caelynna Elismay.
  • When they returned from the feywild, they encountered the young behir again, but decided not to capture it because of some wind chimes and its mother that didn't attack them. (I didn't really follow this part, but that's what they said.)
  • Sensibly, the group delivered Lady Illadria's message to her sister before reporting for debriefing.
  • The sealed section of the mission briefing contained instructions to hand over the purse to the group irrespective of the outcome of the mission. (It said “Give them the money”.)
  • Tavius reports that false records were somehow inserted into the Guild's files to support a commission from “Lord Padrius Hull”. This has been reported to Guildmistress Tarn.

Declarations: Some circlets which were gifts from Lady Elismay. (I thought they should keep those). Also some rotting fruits and 16 sp. Note to self: We need better guidelines for these declarations. My office still smells rancid.

Commendations: Chancellor Caelynna Elismay met with Guildmistress Tarn to express her personal appreciation for this group's actions.

Leadership: Leetor's leadership was evidently good, since the group successfully completed the mission, even though it was a fake mission.

Further investigations:

  • Check with the Lockenport Authorities what happened to the “robbers”.
  • Guildmistress Tarn has ordered an investigation into the false records.
  • Check with the Lockenport Troubadours that the Irregulars' use of “Lockenport Highly Irregular Dance Company” as a temporary group name won't cause any problems.

Accounting notes:

  • 6000 gp award for this mission [source: Lord Padrius Hull unknown]


  • Leetor has now completed sufficient missions for the guild to be offered residency.

XP notes

| XP notes                                      |
| Hostage Situation                   =  600 XP |
| Old Mag's "Dogs"                    =  400 XP |
| Fomorian Dark Initiate              = 1500 XP |
| Goblin Cutters (10 x 25)            =  250 XP |
| Zizwen the Behir                    = 1750 XP |
| Quest: Lady Elismay's Message       = 1200 XP |
| Quest: Capture the Behir            = 1200 XP |
| Total                               = 6900 XP |
| Per person                      ÷ 6 = 1150 XP |

Other mission reports

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