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The Brotherhood of the Swan

c2.api.ning.com_files_wdn1abk4ruj-ydkrohaeewfzoe_x3narrcft-igf0kkysbab97rxneyedarpgtudaxp0x1mu-jbzhdywxvs6hfkxf-baavbz_swan_graphic.jpg The Brotherhood of the Swan is a partly religious and partly philosophical order. Acolytes of the Brotherhood strive to see the true nature of reality, while paradoxically engaging in ritual surrounding beauty and adornment. The Brotherhood also views fortune or happenstance as direct communication from the divine, and gambling is a favourite pastime among the acolytes, who even use it as a divinatory tool. The phrase 'Truth by Chance' is often used by brothers to refer to the insights gained through games of chance.

In Lockenport, gambling dens will almost always have a Swan Brother presiding, or, more likely, participating in games of chance. The city's authorities are tolerant of the Brotherhood, but it is not unheard of for bureaucrats to require bribes from the order, in order to maintain this tolerance. In recent years, weddings or unions conducted by members of the Brotherhood at the city's casinos have become quite popular.

The Brotherhood of the Swan's vestments are constantly changing, but a medallion of a white, black or gray swan is usually worn to indicate an affiliation with the order. Recently (just before news reached Lockenport of Vedroth's marching unded army) the vestments of the Brotherhood changed to an ominous dark grey.

In the town of Stitch, the Brotherhood operates a large gaming establishment known as Swan Hall. Sister Lessira is in charge of the Hall.

Eckhardt Swan, one of the Lockenport Irregulars is a member of the Brotherhood of the Swan.

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