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Changelings are a diverse race in many ways. Some changelings wear their racial identity proudly, adopting the guise of another race only when they need to do so. Others have a dozen identities and switch between them as though they are switching hats. A few changelings choose to live their life as one race, and often as a single individual. What these changelings sacrifice in breadth they make up for in depth, becoming perfect copies of the race they imitate. These changelings are known as “Becomers”

A Life of Lies

Many Becomers struggle with the fact that a core element of their identity is a lie. Although they might trust traveling companions with their lives, many Becomers do not reveal their secret to their closest friends. Some becomers marry a member of their chosen race without letting their spouse know the truth. Most rationalize their lies, believing that it serves the greater good, or that the truth could only hurt their friends and loved ones. Others fear that if their friends knew the truth, they would turn on the changeling as so many have done before. Only the most malicious becomers delight in their deception. Some becomers take their false identity a step further. They lie so well that the changelings themselves believe that they are a member of the race they imitate. Most of the time when this happens, the changeling is mentally unbalanced. Sometimes changelings born to Becomer parents genuinely fail to realize they are different. In either case, if these changelings are confronted with evidence of their true nature, they assume it is some kind of trick or that they have been magically transformed.

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