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Dean Darius Cargill


Dean Darius Cargill is in charge of the Faculty for Draconic Studies at Lockenport University. He is a pale, thin man, with a very orderly appearance and laborious way of phrasing things. Although he is an expert on draconic lore and history, Cargill is thin on practical experience in the field. He recently commissioned the Irregulars to escort him to a dragonborn crypt in the badlands.

When he first met Wizen, Dean Cargill was keen to get to know him better. Upon realising that Wizen was not actually raised as a dragonborn, his interested quickly waned. When told that Zulak was raised by dragonborn, the Dean quizzed the half-elf about his experiences, but Zulak's patience with the Dean's attention quickly grew thin.

The most help that the Dean can offer during battle is to try to avoid being a liability. Despite his lack of experience and combat skills, the Dean secretly dreams of being part of an epic adventure. He keeps notes of his travels in a diary titled Darius Cargill's Adventuring Journal.

"I have Lockenport's largest collection of dragonborn scale-cleaning implements.
You would be most welcome to come and see my display at the University."
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