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A Diplomatic Mission

Date: Saturday, March 27th and Saturday, April 3rd, 2010
Players: Anton, Daniël, Diricia, Henk, Rich
Level: 1

Guild Announcement

The Lezhar Marshlands of the mainland are inhabited by many rival tribes of lizard folk. The ruling Issek tribe controls access to the swamplands, which produce a wide variety of plants with beneficial properties.

One of Lockenport's smaller merchant families (the Oltarns) have long enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Issek tribe. In return for metal, and metal-working skills, the Oltarns gain the right to harvest valuable herbs from the swamps. Access to metal has enabled the Issek tribe to retain their dominance, and the Oltarn family have built a profitable business in rare and exotic plants.

Now, however, it seems as if there is political turmoil in the tribes of the lizardfolk. The ruling Issek tribe faces a powerful challenge from the violent and xenophobic Veshk tribe.

The guild has received a commission from the Oltarn family to try to resolve the deteriorating situation, diplomatically if at all possible.

The notice in the Guildhall suggests that this is an assignment suitable for any Irregulars skilled in diplomacy, and also recommends that diplomats be well guarded, due to the dangerous nature of the mission.

There is a reward of 1200 gp to any group able to ensure that the Oltarns can continue harvesting plants from the swamps for the foreseeable future. The Oltarns have agreed to provide an additional allowance of 300 gp for any supplies that the assigned group needs to obtain before leaving Lockenport.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 209/11/008

Irregulars participating: Wizen Jnr (1077), Stoella (1069), Clunk (4671), Leetor (1337), QiRa (4111)

Leader: Leetor

Summary: The assignment was to visit the Lezhar Marshlands and resolve the conflict between the Issek and Veshk tribes, so that the Oltarn family could continue business. The group also worked with agent Feathers to defeat an assassination attempt.

Fatalities: They tried to trick me into thinking QiRa died, when she was standing right there in front of me. Almost fooled me, too.


  • The mission was a success. Peace was restored to the lizardfolk tribes. Lizard love was everywhere.
  • Saugren Oltarn said to be pleased with Irregulars' performance.
  • Reported encountering kruthik, bullywugs, crocodiles (one), kenku assassins, human bandits, a fire snake and a scimitar deader (dodged).
  • Made contact with Feathers.
  • Lizardfolk reportedly happy with the guild.

Declarations: Amulet of health, spear (nice one, Yragle would have liked that!), lucky charm, gloves of piercing, mask, potion, herbs, 180 gold. Mask assigned to Antiques and Relics. Group was asked to protect this personally. Special security arrangements ordered.

Commendations: Leetor was recommended by his companions. Clunk's performance also noted.

Leadership: Decisions were good. Poor administration. Assistant recommended.

Further investigations:

  • Medrew Braid (aka Archibald Malkett) link to Greshtik.
  • Group would be prepared to take on further assignments involving the lizardfolk, or in the marshlands.

Accounting notes:

  • 300 gp in credit notes issued for supplies [source: Oltarn family]
  • 1200 gp award paid for this assignment [source: Oltarn family]

XP notes

| XP notes: Session 1                           |
| Bullywug Mucker (4 x 100)           =  400 XP |
| Bullywug Guard (4 x 150)            =  600 XP |
| Bullywug Mud Lord                   =  150 XP |
| Visejaw Crocodile                   =  175 XP |
| Kenku Assassin (3 x 400)            = 1200 XP |
| Quest: Reach Tinkett safely         =  100 XP |
| Quest: Make Contact with "Feathers" =  100 XP |
| Quest: Prevent the Assassination    =  500 XP |
| Total                               = 3225 XP |
| Per person                 3225 ÷ 5 =  645 XP |

| XP notes: Session 2                           |
| Human Bandit Archer (6 x 31)        =  186 XP |
| Human Bandit (5 x 125)              =  625 XP |
| Kruthik Hatchlings (8 x 31)         =  248 XP |
| Kruthik Hive Lord                   =  500 XP |
| Kruthik Adult (4 x 175)             =  700 XP |
| Kruthik Hatchlings (3 x 31)         =  124 XP |
| Glyphs of Madness                   =  500 XP |
| Flame Snake                         =  400 XP |
| Skeletal Tomb Guardian              =  500 XP |
| Quest: A Diplomatic Solution        =  500 XP |
| Quest: Retrieve the Mask            =  500 XP |
| Total                               = 4783 XP |
| Per person                 4783 ÷ 5 =  957 XP |

Other mission reports

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