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Families of Lockenport

Family Notes People
Brunsten The Brunstens are one of Lockenport's oldest merchant families. They have interests in fishing, building, banking, mining and alchemy. Phineas the Dour (founder, deceased)
Melissa Brunsten (Eckhardt's sister)
Dresk The Dresks are a minor merchant family who own several warehourses in Old Town. They are allies of the Oltarns. Jeltin Dresk (merchant)
Greshtik Karaden Greshtik is wealthy, well-connected and reputedly ruthless. His interests and influence stretch beyond Lockenport City to the mainland. Karaden Greshtik (merchant)
Medrew Braid (agent)
Kalif (warehouse manager)
Hefter The Hefters are a wealthy merchant family. Although Charles has retired, he retains many investments in Lockenport. Charles Hefter was one of the “sleepers” and is also a known customer of Madame Francine's. His wife wears far too much powder. Charles Hefter (retired merchant)
Lettia Hefter (Charles's wife)
Oltarn The Oltarns are a relatively small merchant family who import herbs from the Lezhar Marshlands. Fegron is a friend of Tavius Hume's. Fegron Oltarn (senior family member)
Saugren Oltarn (based in Tinkett)
Detritus (Saugren's warforged servant)
Silvertounge A gnomish family, the Silvertounges moved to Lockenport some time ago. Orryn has a reputation as a mediator and diplomat. He keeps a low profile but is politically well connected. Orryn Silvertounge (diplomat, father of Leetor)
Tillmoor The Tillmoors were specialists in alchemical supplies. They have fallen on hard times and recently had a run in with the Lockenport Authorities. Penella Tillmoor is in jail for the murder of her neice. Gallard Tillmoor (brain-in-a-jar, deceased)
Alaine Tillmoor (head of the family)
Nareen Tillmoor (Alaine's daughter, deceased?)
Kelian Pegg (Nareen's husband)
Penella Tillmoor (Alaine's sister)
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