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Accounts Department Memo: Field office payments

Dear [Column 1],

The Irregulars thank you for your recent assistance with field
office missions. According to the requisition register, you have
not yet return an item assigned to you during one of these
missions. Please could you return [Column 2] at your earliest

In recognition of the mission(s) assigned by the field office,
you have been awarded a purse of [Column 3] gold coins. Please
collect this from Quartermistress Uggard when you return
[Column 2].

Should you not wish to return [Column 2], then [Column 3] gold
coins will be treated as an initial payment towards the costs
of [Column 2], and further amounts will be deducted from future
mission purses.

Yours [Column 4],

[Stamp here]

Column 1   Column 2                       Column 3 
--------   --------                       --------
Zulak      Warlock's Bracers              four thousand
Petru      Not applicable                 six thousand
Stoella    Branchrunners                  two thousand
Ash        Not applicable                 four thousand
Gloomhol   Not applicable                 four thousand
Florian    Not applicable                 two thousand
Ubu        Lesser Ring of Feather Fall    six thousand
Clunk      Not applicable                 two thousand
Corrin     Not applicable                 two thousand
Xavorin    Gauntlets of Blinding Strikes  four thousand
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