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Gnomes are a diminutive race native to the Feywild. Rarely more than 4 feet tall, they bear a passing resemblance to elves or eladrin, with pointed ears, chiseled facial features and high cheekbones. They have a wilder appearance than the elven races, with hair that sprouts from their heads in random directions. Gnomes have skin that varies from grey to brown and their hair can be nearly any colour, with greens, browns and autumnal oranges most common. Although they can live as long as eladrin, gnomes show the effects of age more.

Because they are small, gnomes have a tendency to be unobtrusive, and specialise in camouflage and illusion. They tend to rely more on stealth and their quick minds than on battle skills. However, when amongst friends they are witty conversationalists, and have a well-developed sense of humour.

Most of the gnomes found in Lockenport are immigrants from the Gnome Holdings, located on islands to the east of the mainland. The Gnome Holdings were settled by a group of gnomes fleeing some terrible foe in the Feywild centuries ago.

One of the most well-known gnomes in Lockenport City is Orryn Silvertongue, a skilled diplomat. He settled his family in the city some forty years ago after several years of extensive traveling. His son, Leetor the Maker, is a member of the Lockenport Irregulars.

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