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Grymes is a Drow Sorcerer/Rogue. Having spent much of his life lurking in the deepest cracks of the Underdark, he is comfortably acquainted with his own company. With acid scarred skin, rotting breath and a less than pleasant body odour, Grymes does not fit the social conventions of most civilised folk. But regardless of this, he has his way of getting what and where he needs. A versatile master in the art of cunning, he slips through enemy senses, dances his way down corridors of deathly traps, and snatches whatever shiny and sparkly treasures he can get his grubby extremities on. However, any foe who does have the misfortune of getting close enough to Grymes is usually treated to the rather unsuspecting pleasure of an exploding slime-ball in the face - just seconds before he disappears in a magical puff of noxious fumes.

About Grymes


Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?

grymes es borns owt slymsey vagyna. no knowsy whoos vagyna et beloing.

Do you have a big family? Do you stay in touch with them?

grymes lykses to touch slymsey frendsies en darksy playses.

What are your religious beliefs?

laydee of mooon! sehanynses herz naymsey. preety laydee helpses grymes beez ssshhhhhhh. blessies pleez! grymes steelz foar holee laydee!

Do you have any famous ancestors?

an… sisters??? grymes haaate girlies!!! grymes kill drow girlies an der booby spyder kween!!

What sort of education or training have you had?

edookashun?? aaah - grymes no lykes booksies. grymes lykes darksy slymses!

Do you have a trade (other than “adventuring”)?

grymes maksies trapzy… kill nastys beastys deadz! takes shinsey magikses!

Do you have many enemies?

BOOBY SPYDER KWEEN!!! KILL KILL KILL!!! alsoz haaate mindflingsies! stays owt grymes headses!

What style of clothes do you favour?

darksies en slymses?

Have you ever killed someone?

sum wan, too, tree, faur, fyvsies, sexies, sevs, aytes, nynses, tennies… aw - nose moar fingaars. *shrugs shoulders*

What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?

lok ayn paart… mus talksey zarra laydee witchee! givsez grymes bigsest wordz!

Character Sheets

Grymes, Lvl 11

Grymes, Lvl 12

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