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Guilds of Lockenport

Known as Registered official name People
Beggar's Guild Allied Beggar, Mendicant, Tramp and Panhandler's Guild
Builder's Guild Allied Artisan, Bricklayer, Carpenter and Journeyman's Guild
Fisherman's Guild Allied Fisherman, Boatwright, Pearl Diver and Dockworker's Guild Miles Trentworth (fisherman)
Guild of Arms Allied Smith, Armorer, Fletcher and Bowyer's Guild
Lockenport Academy Allied Arcanist, Occultist, Enchanter and Pedagogue's Guild Mentius Hume (researcher, Tavius's cousin)
Oonil Zeggon (researcher, one of the sleepers)
Duftar (singed looking dwarven receptionist)
Lockenport Authorities City Watch, Justice and Constabulary Services Guild Aswen Flenn (Senior Investigator, based at Guardhouse #5)
Grittik Hantel (guard, also based at Guardhouse #5)
Lockenport Bank Loans, Securities and Financial Services Guild
Lockenport Irregulars Allied Mercenary, Explorer and Adventurer's Guild Tavius Hume (Assignments)
Delk (Tavius's assistant, would-be adventurer)
Gralik Thunderbane (Debriefing)
Hezia Uggard (Quartermistress)
Sevian Delmar (Intelligence and Investigations: Mainland)
“Feathers” (changeling, field agent)
Bratis and Millis (Irregulars who were sent to deal with the fell taints)
Yozian Tammelnor (Head of Antiques and Relics)
Hanto Urik, Wenzy, Dillosa Tevemtiora and Jurn (Irregulars involved in the Sleeper Agents mission)
Jarred Nafrey (Irregular who was part of the failed mission to Dunsey)
Undoor (goliath adventurer, friend of Delk)
Guildmistress Tarn
Lockenport Troubadours Thespian, Balladeer, Mime and Playwright's Guild
Lockenport University Allied Teachers, Preceptor and Lecturer's Guild Caelynna Elismay (Chancellor)
Dean Darius Cargill (Dean: Faculty for Draconic Studies)
Reporter's Guild Herald, Minstrel, Spy and Messenger's Guild
Textiles Guild Weaver, Furrier, Dyer and Clothier's Guild
Transportation Guild Wagoneer, Conveyor, Navigator and Sailor's Guild Nettie Rax (Undersecretary)
Elia Hast (works for the Esten Town office)
Pavel Hast (notary in Esten Town)
Waste Disposal Guild Gravedigger, Rat Catcher and Sewer-worker's Guild
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