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Half-elves are descended from elves and humans, and either have one parent of each race, or – more often – two half-elven parents. They have features of both their parent races and are typically sturdier of build than elves, but more slender than most humans. They have the tapered ears of the elves, but half-elven males grow facial hair like their human ancestors. Half-elves tend to be charismatic, and make good diplomats. Many of them are wanderers, adopting the fashions and cultural affectations of the societies they spend time with. Half-elves tend to live longer than humans, and not as long as elves, but this is dependent on their bloodlines.

On Comack Island, half-elves are predominant in the south, particularly in the village of Dunsey, but they are also the second most common race in Lockenport City with only humans making up more of the population. On the mainland, half-elves are more common in the western settlements near the Great Forest.

Zulak Grayd is a half-elf, but was not raised by either humans or elves. He grew up in a dragonborn clan, and is now a member of the Lockenport Irregulars.

The half-elf t'Botb Oyvn is a member of the Knights of the Serpent. He is currently adventuring in the Nentir Vale, far to the north of Lockenport.

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