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Hunzu is a Shardmind Bard. He has a curious and keen interest in the Arcane, but find the notion of societies, and especially cultural costums, troubling and alien. Hunzu communicates complex thoughts telepathically to individual minds, but would often let his intentions been known via audible vibrations and hums, generated by vibrating his crystalline structure.

About Hunzu


Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?

.::I come very far from here, and was never truly 'born', but was created from the splintering of many::.

Do you have a big family? Do you stay in touch with them?

.::All sentient beings share a common thread, but I do not have a 'family'::.

What are your religious beliefs?

.::The goddess Ioun have blessed me with a thirst for knowledge, and I gladly observe her rites::.

Do you have any famous ancestors?

.::{Hums Softly}::.

What sort of education or training have you had?

.::It's more important to consider what education I am having and will have::.

Do you have a trade (other than “adventuring”)?

.::I have very little needs, except my quest for gathering knowledge::.

Do you have many enemies?

.::{Resonates with a low, menacing hum}::.

What style of clothes do you favour?

.::I am aware that my appearance is unusual enough that many don't notice my attire::.

Have you ever killed someone?

.::I have tirelessly dedicated myself to the destruction of non-conscious minds of aberrations that plague the worlds::.

What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?

.::I am amazed at sentient beings that try and impose themselves on each other::.

Hunzu's Journal


.::I have arrived at the city of Lockenport - my auguries have indicated that an interesting chain of events is about to unfold, from which I may learn much::.

Allies: Part Two

.::I have managed to very quickly ingratiate myself with a Guild of mercenary heroes, called the 'Irregulars'. Within a week's worth of introduction, I found myself leading a team of adventurers to garner support from would-be allies in the upcoming assault on the lair of the lich lord, Vedroth.

The most interesting happenings was the sabotage of our equipment from one of the Guild's own. Also, we managed to uncover a vision of Vedroth's past::.

Assault on the Citadel of the Dead

.::I was involved in one of the assault teams on the Citadel of the Dead. On questioning an undead Sphinx, I have become uncertain about my own participation in this battle, and have decided to withdraw my volunteering to confront the lich lord myself::.


.::The goddess Ioun has blessed my fealty with an ever more appreciation of knowledge. I will become an Oracle in her service, cleansing madness and ignorance where I find it::.

The Wizard Baylund

.::After an abortive mission, we have lost sight of a valuable companion, Rockwood. After a dire situation concerning a Bebilith, he nobly sacrificed himself to buy us the time to escape::.

A Royal Visit

.::We assisted a very observant emissary from the elven kingdoms to prepare for a visit from their queen. Escorting him and answering his questions frankly seemed to have pleased him for brief periods, but one of our allies, a certain Zulak, has caused a diplomatic crisis by stealing away a precious seed, causing the Lockenport Irregulars to be barred from entry into the elves' woodlands.

Whatever happens next will surely be an interesting development in my time at this settlement::.

Unfinished Business

.::It seems that the oncoming stars threaten the prime planes at once. Perhaps an echoing effect can be achieved if all three planes of reality would coordinate to stall the coming devastation. The Prince of Frost is making preparations in the Feywild, while the shadow dragon has in his frantic agitation placed our group of companions under magical compulsion to seek out a certain item for protection of his gloomy own realm. Even now the foul aberrant spawn can be seen walking the dark realms - I have to grow stronger to face their madness. But first I must assist in procuring this magical focus::.

Not An Official Mission

.::I am most perturbed to find that Greshtik has been conducting experiments in his quest for knowledge. I have never understood the mortal concept of morality, especially in the pursuit of knowledge. However, Greshtik is harbouring an aberrant horror that has to be destroyed. It is my destiny to see to that this comes to pass::.

Rescuing the Sage

.::We were required to rescue a tiefling sage from a jungle fortress, inhabited by cultists. After a bloody battle, we were able to negotiate the release of the sage. Our powers continue to grow, as was witnessed by the standoff between our own, smaller forces versus a much larger entrenched group of cultists::.

More Unfinished Business

.::Completing our delivery to the shadow dragon proved extremely eventful. We were assaulted by both dragon and aberrant in our quest to locate him, which took us all the way to Tiamat's realm. I have voyaged the astral plane for millenia, but had never before dared to set foot there. I am relieved to be released from my magical compulsion, to pursue new information::.

Character Sheets

Hunzu, Lvl 10

Hunzu, Lvl 11

Hunzu, Lvl 12

Hunzu, Lvl 13

Hunzu, Lvl 14

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