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Into the Pit

Date: Sunday, May 13th and Sunday, July 8th 2012
Players: Bretton, Craig, David, Henk, Hertzog, Peet
Level: 8+

Mission Briefing

For twenty-three years, the prison in Lockenport's Old Town has been shuttered and abandoned. After the winter uprisings in 187, and the unfortunate murder of the popular leader of the Fisherman's Guild, the prison was sealed by public decree.

Now, special permission has been obtained from Lockenport's Congress for a group of Irregulars to enter the prison. Their goal lies not within the prison itself, but below. For the prison was built on the side of a wide, seemingly bottomless hole into the depths beneath the city. It is known as the Pit, and in decades passed, “He shall be committed to the Pit” was a common sentence for serious criminals, who would be duly hoisted into the dark depths, never to be seen or heard from again.

Yozian Tammelnor is Head of Antiques and Relics for the Irregulars. He has been examining the guild's archives, and believes that a magical item known as the Crown of the Brilliant Sun may be in the possession of a troglodyte tribe living near the Fungus Fields deep in the Pit. This crown would be useful in the battle against Vedroth's legions, and finding it is the goal of this mission.

There are numerous mission reports in the Irregulars archives concerning visits to the Pit, so the first mission to return to this legendary part of Lockenport in more than two decades carries a certain level of distinction. However, it also carries a warning. The depths of the Pit are dangerous, and the “fatalities” entry for many of the old mission reports is comprehensive.

The purse for this mission is 1000 gp per Irregular participating. In addition, each participant may have first rights on any one treasure recovered during the mission, with the exception of the Crown of the Brilliant Sun itself.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 210/01/147

Irregulars participating: Ash (1618), Luusi (9999), Lark (777), Kat (888), Ubu (3699), Zimmijon (5765),

Leader: Zimmijon

Summary: The mission to recover the Crown of the Brilliant Sun from the Pit was a success. In addition, the group also located the Bracelet of the Radiant Storm, and agreed to sell it to the Guild. Valuable intelligence about the state of affairs in the Fungus Fields region of the Pit was also obtained.

Fatalities: This mission has a “significant chance of death” warning attached to it. Sections 73, 78 and 81 of the standard mission contract were therefore waived by the Guild. All members of the group returned safely, however.


  • A copy of the map from file 186/12/102 was made by the Irregulars.
  • There were some stirges roosting not too far down the Pit.
  • In the Fungus Fields, the team encountered a dangerous silt monster from which they fled retreated.
  • Other creatures reportedly encountered included troglodytes (willing to negotiate, smelly), snake people (apparently not given a chance to negotiate, smell not recorded), and cacteye cactai a cactus, and another one on the way back.
  • There were two basilisks, which they killed, but they failed to scoop out the eyes and bring them back, which is a real pity.
  • There is a whole community of helpful lizard-folk living in the silts of the Fungus Fields. The group made contact with them (their leader's name noted as “Casflith”), and may have established a useful group of allies for the Guild. Metal was identified as a good trade item. The group brought back with them a pile of strange shoes that the silt-lizard people made. Then they dumped them on my desk. What am I supposed to do with six pairs?
  • This group definitely did not find the body of the dwarf mentioned in mission 210/01/148. (Why hasn't that mess been cleaned up yet?)

Declarations: Crown of the Brilliant Sun, Bracelet of the Radiant Storm, a set of magical chainmail armor, a few potions, gemstones (worth 4300 gp), coin (worth 2600 gp), and six pairs of silt shoes (slightly worn).

Commendations: Both Lark and Zimmijon were noted for commendation, although Lark commended himself. So modest.

Leadership: “Well, he didn't get us killed.”

Further investigations:

  • This group would be happy to undertake further exploratory missions in the Pit.
  • Recommended checklist: silt-shoes, metal for trade with locals, rope, cheap crown for troglodyte king.

Accounting notes:

  • 6000 gp award for this mission (reduced pro rata for fewer survivors) [source: Congress of Guild Leaders]
  • Since the mission provided “first rights” to one item of treasure per guild member, a further 13500 gp was used to persuade the group to waive their “first rights” claim for Bracelet of the Radiant Storm. [source: Antiques and Relics department]
  • This group was given free access to the rope supplies. (Must remind Uggard that we're out of silk ropes.)

XP notes

| XP notes: Part 1                                          |
| Silk Horror Tentacles (25 x 175)              =  4,375 XP |
| Cave Stirge Swarms (6 x 250)                  =  1,500 XP |
| Total                                         =  5,875 XP |
| Per person                                ÷ 6 =    979 XP |

| XP notes: Part 2                                          |
| Stone-eye Basilisks (2 x 700)                 =  1,400 XP |
| Yuan-ti Fanatics (4 x 100)                    =    400 XP |
| Yuan-ti Cabalists (3 x 400)                   =  1,200 XP |
| Zoldathra, Master of the Word                 =  1,500 XP |
| Hazard: Sand Cacti (2 x 250)                  =    500 XP |
| Quest: Befriend Casflith the Silt Runner      =    600 XP |
| Quest: Make a Deal with the Troglodyte King   =  1,200 XP |
| Quest: Find the Crown of the Brilliant Sun    =  2,400 XP |
| Quest: Find the Bracelet of the Radiant Storm =    900 XP |
| Total                                         = 10,100 XP |
| Per person                                ÷ 6 =  1,683 XP |

Other mission reports

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