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Karaden Greshtik

www.wizards.com_mtg_images_daily_stf_stf23_gwafa.jpg Karaden Greshtik is a wealthy and well-connected merchant with a reputation for ruthlessness. He is based in Lockenport but he also has business interests in Lodren's Gate and many of the other towns and villages of the mainland. He is also one of the few merchants who has dealings with the more savage races, including the giants who inhabit the eastern reaches of the Torgen mountains and the Serpent Dynasties which lie between the Torgen mountains and the Toothed Sea.

Greshtik seldom conducts his business in person, preferring to work through a complex network of agents and representatives. So convoluted is Greshtik's web, it is said his agents sometimes find themselves inadvertently working against each other in a particular trade negotiation.

Although Greshtik's name is well-known in Lockenport, surprisingly little is known about his personal life. It was reported that he married a young woman from Calderway Town almost fifteen years ago, but she has not been seen in public for many years, and there are persistent rumours that the Greshtiks suffered a significant family tragedy in the intervening time.

Greshtik's known agents and employees include Medrew Braid and a man named Kalif who seemed to be a warehouse manager in Stolen Goods.

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