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Lagoon Hauntings

Date: Saturday, December 18th and Thursday, December 23rd
Players: Andrew, Henk, Hertzog, Peet, Rich
Level: 4+

Guild Announcement

Over the last few months, three different groups of Irregulars have been assigned to investigate reports of hauntings in the vicinity of Turle Lagoon in the south of Comack Island. None of these groups has met with much success, so the guild has turned to some of its best up-and-coming Irregulars for assistance.

The first group assigned to investigate the hauntings unearthed a lair of ghouls in the forest on the western banks of the lagoon, and assumed that this group of undead was the source of the reports. Unfortunately, reports of hauntings continued, and the mayor of Dunsey requested that the Irregulars investigate further. The second group sent to investigate was ambushed by a group of “freedom fighters” in the forest between Atek Falls and the lagoon and was forced to turn back with their injured. The third group, which left Lockenport two weeks ago, has not yet returned from their mission.

This assignment requires that the participants travel to the village of Dunsey on the north bank of the Turle Lagoon, and meet with the mayor, to be briefed on the reports of the hauntings and the whereabouts of the previous group of Irregulars. To successfully complete the mission will involve finding the source of the hauntings, dealing with the cause, and – if possible – finding the missing Irregulars.

The purse for this mission is only 2000 gp, but because the lives of other Irregulars may hang in the balance, the Guild will permit each person signing up for the mission to commission one item of magical equipment of no more than 1000 gp in value, to aid in the task. If the missing Irregulars are found and returned safely to the Guild, the mission participants may keep these items.

Commissioned items
Zulak Grayd - Deathcut Leather Armor (1000 gp)
Eckhardt Swan - Safewing Amulet (680 gp)
Petru - Bracers of the Perfect Shot (680 gp) [Not kept]
Clunk - Spiked Soles (1000 gp)
Stoella Brookhollow - Pouncing Beast Hide Armor (840 gp)

Gralik's Mission Report


Case number: 209/12/029

Irregulars participating: Clunk (4671), Petru (486), Eckhardt (127), Zulak (69), Stoella (1069)

Leader: Petru

Summary: The assignment was to investigate the source of reports of hauntings around Turle Lagoon, at the behest of the Dunsey Council. In addition, the whereabouts of the Irregulars previously dispatched to investigate (see file 209/11/099) was to be determined, and if possible the missing guild members returned safely to Lockenport. The group determined that there were multiple reasons for the hauntings, but reported dealing with all of them, as well as curing a disease ravaging Dunsey. Two of the five missing Irregulars were located, and the deaths of the remaining three confirmed.

Fatalities: None from this group, although missing Irregulars Yurgen, Pratool and Jandray were confirmed as deceased.


  • There was a llama lamia called Nezillia. She was a fey creatures with bugs. Or possibly she was bugs in human form?
  • There were some ghouls and a ghast but not a lich.
  • The cult behind the disease was dispatched. They had raised a mummy with mummy rot.
  • There were also no zombies.
  • The missing Irregulars apparently were given a proper burial. Sort of. Hmmmm… better make that an “adventurer's burial”.
  • A nasty grilled creature with four arms and a tail was very fast. (I'm not sure what this has to do with anything else.)
  • Dunsey politics described as “sorted”. Village very happy. A plark plack sign is planned in honor of the “Order of the Unassuming Bard”.

Declarations: A pouch of body parts (see Fatalities), a dagger, an amulet, boots, skull bracers, a belt, a chime, a lamp and another amulet (or was there just one amulet? – I lost track). Also an Eladrin Ring which has been handed over to the Academy as per the request of Caelynna Elismay.

Commendations: The group's leader recommended Clunk's inspiring waterfall. Stoella's vines were also said to be very useful.

Leadership: Good leadership. Petru was noted as “most improved leader”.

Further investigations:

  • Are there any other references to a cult of “Uzketchos” in the archives?

Accounting notes:

  • 2000 gp award paid for this assignment [source: Dunsey Council].
  • 5000 gp worth of commissioned equipment [source: internal finance].
    • Zulak: Armor
    • Eckhardt: Amulet + 320 gp
    • Petru: Bracers 1000 gp
    • Cluck: Spikes
    • Stoella: Armor + 160 gp

XP notes

| XP notes: Session 1                           |
| Ghast                               =  250 XP |
| Ghouls (5 x 200)                    = 1000 XP |
| Total                               = 1250 XP |
| Per person                      ÷ 5 =  250 XP |

| XP notes: Session 2                           |
| Human Cultists (8 x 63)             =  504 XP |
| Human Cultist Archers (4 x 150)     =  600 XP |
| Marrig, Cult Berserker              =  175 XP |
| Jalzar, Cult Leader                 =  150 XP |
| Mummy Guardian                      =  350 XP |
| Girallon Marauder                   =  700 XP |
| Nizzelia, the Lamia                 = 1400 XP |
| Quest: Investigate the Hauntings    = 1000 XP |
| Quest: Find the Missing Irregulars  = 1000 XP |
| Quest: Find a Cure                  =  375 XP |
| Total                               = 6254 XP |
| Per person                      ÷ 5 = 1251 XP |

Other mission reports

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