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Last Stand at Torgenham

Last Stand at Torgenham

Date: Sunday, August 19th, 2012
Players: Craig, David, Henk, Hertzog, Peet, Rich
Level: 8+

Evacuation of Torgen Pass

Date: Sunday, August 23rd, 2012
Players: Craig, David, Henk, Hertzog, Peet, Rich
Level: 8+

Mission Briefing

Late on the day before this mission started, the first reports started trickling in of an orcish incursion into the north of the River Kingdoms. Occasional skirmishes are not unheard of in history, but the orc tribes have been preoccupied with the Horselords for many moons, and this attack was unexpected. During the course of the night, it became apparent that the River Kingdoms were under serious attack, and plans drawn up under the Calderway Treaty were enacted. Lockenport and the towns of the mainland were mobilised to provide support to the River Kingdoms. Irregulars were woken by alarm bells, and rapidly assigned to a number of missions to the mainland.

The group lead by Neris was assigned to the town of Torgenham, a strategic point on the south side of the Torgen Pass. Their objective was to ensure that the mountain pass to north of the town remained open to the expected stream of refugees from the towns and settlements making up the Kingdoms. They were instructed to seek out Lady Carin Mendibray, the Mayor of Torgenham, to offer their assistance in protecting the pass.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 210/02/012A

Irregulars participating: Ash (1618), Frost (2510), Jimson (666), Neris (4019), Rockwood (808), Zimmijon (5765)

Leader: Neris

Summary: Upon arrival in Torgenham, the group found it already under attack by orcs. They fought their way to the north gate of the city, and freed it from orcish control, to allow the refugees into the town. However, the south gate then came under attack from an overwhelming number of hill giants, and although the group held off the first wave, they were forced to evacuate the town's residents into the cover of the Pass. With the help of an orc druid, they were able to strike a blow against the leader of the orcish incursion, as well as magically evacuating the refugees to Lockenport.

Fatalities: None, although the town of Torgenham had to be abandoned and control of the strategic Torgen Pass was lost.


  • In the post-mission interviews, there was mention of rhinoserossiruss being ridden by orcs already in Torgenham when they arrived. How cool does that sound?
  • There was also mention of a few hill giants. And a few rocks. And then some more hill giants. And some more rocks. And then a lot of hill giants. And some running.
  • Ash recognised one of the orcs as an ally from his adventures before joining the Irregulars. Nice to know that not everyone is automatically suspicious of anything orc-related!
  • This orc was a druid called Sharasta, and he transported the group into a field. Something about a scarecrow?
  • They assassinated the orc chieftan, Ghash'ka, and a witch named Rokha. Sharasta reckoned she was the cause of the invasion and apparently an ally of someone who “Does Not Live”. It's amazing how Neris managed to add capital letters to that when she mentioned it during the mission debriefing.
  • This was a confusing part of the debriefing where they all talked at once. Something about serpents and getting them to help evacuate the people of Torgenham. Rockwood said it was a payment of some sort of debt?
  • During the process of getting the refugees through the portals, the Irregulars had to fend off a remorhaz. That's one of those weird polar worms that manages to be hot and cold at the same time. A bit like Uggard and Rockwood's relationship! Ha ha!
  • Apparently Jimson had a dream about Lockenport being a massive smoking crater. Boy, that guy can be a bit of a buzzkill sometimes!

Declarations: Drat. I completely forgot to ask them if they had anything to declare in that hasty mission debriefing. I'll… um… I'll send a memo.

Commendations: [Tavius's note:] Lady Mendibray came by the Guild two days after the evacuation of the pass to make sure that her appreciation and gratitude to the brave Irregulars who defended her town was recorded.

Leadership: Neris has been described as “efficient”. What's with that Theyristra person anyway? She never appears on the mission's list of participants. It's a bit odd.

Further investigations:

  • Why didn't we get more warning before the invasion started?
  • Tarn will probably want to talk to Ash about that Sharasta fellow.
  • Sevian needs to look into the link between the orcs and Vedroth.

Accounting notes:

XP notes

| XP notes: Last Stand at Torgenham                         |
| Orc Bloodragers (2 x 600)                     =  1,200 XP |
| Rhinoceros (2 x 300)                          =    600 XP |
| Orc Archers (8 x 175)                         =  1,400 XP |
| Orc Berserkers (10 x 175)                     =  1,750 XP |
| Orc Warlord                                   =  1,000 XP | 
| Hill Giant Rockthrowers (2 x 700)             =  1,400 XP |
| Hill Giant High Shaman                        =  1,600 XP |
| Quest: Liberate the North Gate                =  2,100 XP |
| Quest: Defend the South Gate                  =    420 XP |
| Total                                         = 11,470 XP |
| Per person                                ÷ 6 =  1,912 XP |

| XP notes: Evacuation of Torgen Pass                       |
| Orc Terrorblade (6 x 250)                     =  1,500 XP |
| Rokha the Witch                               =  1,400 XP |
| Ghash'ka the Orc Chieftan                     =  1,200 XP |
| Legendary Remorhaz                            =  6,000 XP |
| Quest: Assassinate the Orcish Leaders         =  1,050 XP |
| Quest: Gathering of Serpents                  =    700 XP |
| Quest: Evacuate the Pass                      =  1,050 XP |
| Total                                         = 12,900 XP |
| Per person                                ÷ 6 =  2,150 XP |

Other mission reports

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