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Lezhar Marshlands

thomashoven.com_p2002_031_b83f.jpg Between the Great Forest of the west, and the farmlands and scattered towns and villages located on mainland north of Lockenport are the Lezhar Marshlands. The marshes and swamps are fed by the Gaal river flowing south from the mountains into the ocean and by the near-constant rain which falls in the region. The borders of this region vary depending on the season and on the rainfall, but appear to be moving gradually westwards. A few centuries ago, the swamps extended as far east as the village of Edgemire.

The Lezhar Marshlands are inhabited by a wide variety of creatures, many of which are aggressive, bad-tempered or poisonous, and often all three. Humanoid races in the area include the lizardfolk tribes, who are generally at least cordial to travelers, and tribes of bullywugs who are usually hostile to everyone. Fortunately, the bullywugs tend to remain in the deeper, less accessible parts of the swamps, and their numbers are kept in check by the lizardfolk, who undertake aggressive bullywug purges from time to time.

This region is well-know for the wide variety of exotic herbs and strange plants that growth in the marshes (see Herbs of the Lezhar Marshlands). The Oltarn family has built a significant business around the harvesting of these unusual plants, and has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the dominant lizardfolk tribe over several decades. Their harvesting operations are run out of Tinkett, a small dilapidated town which lies on the edge of the Lezhar Marshlands.

Recently, the lich-lord Vedroth began marching a large army of undead creatures into the marshlands. A group of Lockenport Irregulars activated an ancient Ziggurat known as the “Blinking Serpent”, by inserting a large gem called the Eye of the Serpent. This ziggurat releases a burst of radiance roughly every two minutes, which shields a portion of the swamps from Vedroth's forces.

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