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Missing Fisherman

Date: Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Players: Daniël, Diricia, Henk, Hertzog, Peet, Ryan
Level: 1

Guild Announcement

Four days ago, Miles Trentworth, a humble fisherman, set off at dawn in his boat to trawl the rich waters to the west of Comack Island. He has not been seen since. The powerful Fisherman's Guild has approached the Lockenport Irregulars to investigate his disappearance and, if possible, return the missing man to his distraught family.

A notice has been posted in the Irregulars' Guildhall, inviting those interested in this quest to apply to the Guildmaster. This particular mission has a low danger rating, and only novice adventurers are expected to apply. There is a group reward of 300 gp for information about Trentworth's fate, and a bonus of a further 200 gp for his successful return.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 209/10/035

Irregulars participating: Eckhardt Swan (127), Clunk (4671), Petru (486), Jett (3577), QiRa (4111), Rodakan (666)

Leader: Petru

Summary: The assignment was to find a missing fisherman (Miles Trentworth), who had disappeared whilst fishing off the coast of the Badlands. The group found the missing man, and uncovered an underground structure (possibly a crypt?). A preliminary investigation of the underground area was performed before the group returned.

Fatalities: Jett died during the exploration of the site. However, his companions were able to return a portion of his remains to the guild. [Note: Jett's contract only covers one raise from the dead on credit; add note to his file to warn him of this during next assignment.]


  • The group demonstrated admirable diversity.
  • Reported encountering stirges, ankheg, some sort of jumping creature and those horrible beetles that look like coins and then burrow under your armor and itch like mad, leaving those nasty welts that take weeks to heal properly. I hate those horrible things.
  • Also mentioned encountering some sort of giant dragonborn and some spirits and something they called a “demon drake”. This creature was accompanied by “ratters” which killed Jett.
  • Something about boats.

Declarations: Flaming dagger, pouch of coins, rapier, some boots, a gold ring. [Note: Dagger and ring used to pay for Jett's recovery.]

Commendations: Clunk was recommended by his companions.

Leadership: Little comment on leadership. Group seems to need more experience together.

Further investigations:

  • Potential burial site may warrant further exploration. One member mentioned that she saw draconic runes. Arkosian link?
  • Are there other sites in the same location?

Accounting notes:

  • 500 gp award paid for this assignment [source: Fisherman's Guild]

XP notes

| XP notes                                      |
| Stirges (6 x 100)                   =  600 XP |
| Ankheg                              =  300 XP |
| Chamber of claws                    =  250 XP |
| Dimensional marauder                =  175 XP |
| Hoard scarab larva swarm (5 x 175)  =  875 XP |
| Quest: Missing Fisherman            =  600 XP |
| Quest: Explore the Underground Area =  100 XP |
| Total                               = 2900 XP |
| Per person                 2900 ÷ 6 =  483 XP |

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